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26/12/2011 Drones Used By Conservation To Track The Japanese Whale Killing Ships

14/12/2011 The Australian - Japanese Whaling Season Slammed

14/12/2011 Email to Mr Jim Paice MP

10/12/2011 Green Leader Bob Brown Defends Whales

09/12/2011 Japan Suing Conservationists in USA

07/12/2011 Japan Shameful & Blackmail, Greenpeace

06/12/2011 Japans Whale Killing Ships Leave

18/02/2011 Canada Seals Butchering Starts Again

19/02/2011 Whaling Its Over Its Over Its Over

29/01/2011 Japanese Whaling Fleet On The Run

28/01/2011 Attempt To Charge Conservationists

26/01/2011 Amazing Disentanglement Of North Atlantic Right Whale

08/01/2011 Diplomates Quick To Put Japan In The Clear Over Sinking

07/01/2011 Foreign Affairs Chased Whaling Compromise

06/01/2011 Looks Like A Ramming By The Japs Into Conservationists

05/01/2011 Japanese Whale Killets Troubling Conservations

05/01/2011 Doomed Whaling Fight Aimed At Saving Labour Vote

04/01/2011 WikiLeaks Secret Dealings On Whale Hunt

01/01/2011 Antarctic Southern Ocean whale Killers

30/11/2010 Japanses Whaling Fleet Still In Harbour

15/11/2010 Email Received From Jim Paice Minister of State For Agriculture & Food

12/09/2010 Helping To Save Whales Lives

08/08/2010 Australia's Green Party's Bob Brown

19/07/2010 Shocking Appalling Disgusting Faeroe Islanders

12/07/2010 Nasty Dealings Endangerd Whale Slaughter

12/07/2010 Sea Turtles Will No Longer Be Burned

15/06/2010 Flights Girls & Cash Buy Japan Whaling

31/05/2010 Supersonic Whale Killing Fleet

26/05/2010 Office of Hon Murray McCully

04/05/2010 Profound Decline In Fish Stocks

01/05/2010 Bluefin Tuna Highly Endangered

April 2010   Endangered Sharks, Species Remain Unprotected

27/03/2010 Email Sent To Hon Mr McCully

01/03/2010 Reply From Mr McCully

01/03/2010 Ocean Science Whales & Carbon

28/02/2010 Whaling Worsens Carbon Release

22/02/2010 Orangutan Survival & The Shopping Trolley

04/02/2010 Rudd Urged To Support Ban On Whalers Spy Flights

25/01/2010 Mass Strandings At Port Levy New Zealand

11/01/2010 Email Sent To Mr McCully New Zealand Minister Of Foreign Affairs

06/01/2010 Earth Race (Ady Gil) Rammed Bu Japs Sinking

22/12/2009 Japs Attack Conservationists

21/12/2009 Japans Shonan Maru No 2 Shadows Conservationists

07/12/2009 Pollution Destroying Our Sea's

03/12/2009 Global Warming

27/11/2009 Whales Dolphins Porpoises Stranded

22/11/2009 Our Preditors Are Disappearing

19/11/2009 Deadly Japanese Whale Killers Head For Antarctica

15/11/2009 Our Oceans Are Dying

10/11/2009 We Are Slowly Destroying Our Earth

30/10/2009 United Kingdom Kills Seals

26/10/2009 Climate Change May Be A Battle Lost Unless ...

23/10/2009 Marine Disaster Unfolds In Timor Sea

16/10/2009 Toxic Tar Sands A Danger

14/09/2009 Humpback Whale Dead In Thames

07/09/2009 Harmful Ocean Noises

01/09/2009 Weeping Arctic Ice

22/08/2009 Coal Eating Bugs - New Research

13/08/2009 Deforestation

09/08/2009 UN Climate Summit In Copenhagen

02/08/2009 Northern Bottlenose Whale Trapped In Cromary Harbour

27/07/2009 Seal Product Ban

16/07/2009 Namibia Seal Slaughter

09/07/2009 John O'Groats Seal Pup Rescue

22/06/2009 BBC News Whales Major Differences

22/06/2009 Costa Rica Shark Killers Ecological Destroys

17/07/2009 New Scientist Condemd Japanese Whaling

01/06/2009 South Africa Mike Meyer Shoots 44 Whales

01/06/2009 Queens Govenor General Ate Seals Heart

26/05/2009 22.40 GMT First Whale Murdered Iceland

22/05/2009 GreenEcoPeace Helps Stop Tanked Whale Sharks

12/05/2009 USA Seal War With Canada

09/05/2009 From Our Intelligence Service

06/05/2009 Years Of Campaigning Victory For The Seals

05/05/2009 Great News Great News Vicoty For The Seals

29/04/2009 European Decission On Seal Product Ban

23/04/2009 Shock From Japanese Whaling Industry

22/04/2009 Bottom Sea Trawling Destroying UK Seabeds

20/04/2009 Japanese Vesseld Of Death Return To Shimonoseki, Japan

20/04/2009 From Our Intelligence Service

09/04/2009 Icy Waters Greenland Rare Deep Sea Sharks

09/04/2009 From Our Intelligence Service

04/04/2009 From Our Intelligence Service

31/03/2009 Canada 30,000 Baby Seals Dead 340,000 To Die

31/03/2009 Canada's Magdalen Islands Quota Full But Still Killing Seals

24/03/2009 Humanity Causes 50 Billion Tons Of CO2 Yearly Serious!

15/03/2009 IWC Meeting In Rome

15/03/2009 Evidence Of Illegal Porpoise Killing Mutilated Thrown Back Into Sea

08/03/2009 Crime Fishing Syndicates - Scurge Of Our Seas

02/03/2009 Whales Stranded In Tasmania

02/03/2009 Shame On The Australian government

27/02/2009 Whales For Trees Is Japan Threatening Australia?

22/02/2009 Screaming Whale Hunted Shot By Japanese

16/02/2009 Indonesia More Coal Fired Plants Polluting Our World

07/02/2009 Icelands Bloody Future

02/02/2009 Emperor Penguins Heading Towards Extinction

26/01/2009 Tasmania 48 Whales Die On Beach

22/01/2009 Whales On Eath 199 Million Years Worth Only £99,000

20/01/2009 Glenn Inwood New Zealand Traitor To The Whales

16/01/2009 Indonesia Get Out Yushin Maru No 2, No Repairs

14/01/2009 Indonesia Delaying Repair Of Japanese Whaler

09/01/2009 George Bush's Goodbye Present To Conservation

06/01/2009 Japanese Whale Killer Ship Man Overboard

03/01/2009 UK & Scotland Killing Seals Shocking Truth

31/08/2008 Polar Bears In Serious Trouble

27/12/2008 Japanese Whalers Flee Out Of Australian Waters

26/12/2008 Japanese Whalers Strike Conservation Ship

20/12/2008 Japanese Whalers Found Illegally Hunting Whales

18/12/2008 Japan Needs Lesson From Australia & New Zealand

13/12/2008 Canada 500 Whales Slaughtered By Inuit

09/12/2008 Japan Whalers Getting Closer To The Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary For Whales

05/12/2008 Worrying News Arctic Ice Shelf Now Split In Three

02/12/2008 Norway Another 1000 Whale Slaughtering Killing Nation Ignoring CITES

01/12/2008 Japan And Norway Breaking The Rules

23/11/2008 From IWC No Commercial Whaling Japan In The Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary For Whales

17/11/2008 The Japanese Whaling Fleet Leave Innoshia Japan For The Kill

05/11/2008 The Japanese Oriental Bluebird The Illegal Refueling Whale Meat Carrying Ship Had Been Deflagged

03/11/2008 Yahoo Exposed! Yahoo Involved In Shark Dismembering

29/10/2008 Two Planets May Be Needed By 2030 To Support Humans

25/10/2008 Japan Makes A Mockery Of The Antarctic Treaty

07/10/2008 Japanese Preparing To Kill Over 1000 Whales

25/09/2008 The Largest Remaining Tropical Rainforest In The World Is Threatened

21/09/2008 Amazon Rainforest Soya Moratorium Extended A Further Year

19/09/2008 Fate Of The Worlds Whales Meeting Wth George W Bush's Appointee Bill Hogarth

11/09/2008 Japanese Try To Undermine Authority Of The International Whaling Commission

28/08/2008 Japanese Government Prepares Special Anit-Conservation Ship Laws

27/08/2008 The Cruel Japanese Have Just Stabbed To Death 212 Whales In The North Pacific

26/08/2008 Norweigens Hunting Whales To Extinction

22/08/2008 The Australians Deliberately Kills Baby Whale Called Collette

12/08/2008 Japs Bribe More Poorer Nations To Vote For Whale Slaughter Benin Garbon Tovalu & Nauru

06/08/2008 Rainforest Crime President Barraso Urged To Approve Strone EU Law NOW

01/08/2008 Rescuers Fail To Save 35ft Northern Bottlenose Whale In Langstone Harbour

25/07/2008 Cruel Seal Hunting Products Must Not Be Allowed To Enter EU

16/07/2008 Japan-Aomori Conservationists Expose Nisshin Maru Whale Meat Thieves Then Are Jailed

07/07/2008 Rainforest New Figures Just Out Approximately Over 100 Acres Destroyed Per Minute

28/06/2008 Japanese Children Watch Whales Being Slaughtered

27/06/2008 Day 5 Of The 60th International Whaling Commission Meeting Santiago Chile

26/06/2008 Day 4 Of The 60th International Whaling Commission Meeting Santiago Chile

25/06/2008 Day 3 Of The 60th International Whaling Commission Meeting Santiago Chile

24/06/2008 Day 2 Of The 60th International Whaling Commission Meeting Santiago Chile

23/06/2008 The 60th Meeting Of The International Whaling Commission Opens In Santiago Chile

23/06/2008 GreenEcoPeace Have Emailed Over 34 Pro-Whaling Nations

23/06/2008 Dolphin Spotted In The Clyde Tangled In Plastic Surrounded By Litter

16/06/2008 Whales Dolphins & Seals Of The World May Be Facing Growing Sonic Threat

12/06/2008 Double Crossing Denmark In European Union But The Only European Nation Abstaining

11/06/2008 Police Investigation Whale Meat Scandal In Japan

09/06/2008 Mass Strandings Of 30 Striped Dolphins In The Percnil River Porth Creek Cornwall

07/06/2008 St Bees Near Whitehaven Cumbria Porpoise & Dolphin Found Dead

06/06/2008 Europe Joins Together In Defence Of The Whales

04/06/2008 Embassy Demonstration Japanese End Up Paying Most Of London Court Costs

03/06/2008 BBC Confirm That Norway & Iceland Illegally Export Whale Meat To Japan

25/05/2008 Biofuels UK Governments Approach May Be Wrong

21/05/2008 Iceland Government Authorises Icelandic Whalers To Slaughter Whales

15/05/2008 Big Brother Japan Monitor By Satalite Anti-Whaling Ships In The Antarctic

12/05/2008 Japan Whale Meat Scam A Major Conspiracy Of Corruption

11/05/2008 Is The Japanese Whaling Industry Controlled By The Japanese Yakusa (Mafia)

06/05/2008 Norwegians Just As Bad As Japs Norway Will Kill 1052 Whales In 2008

28/04/2008 Canadian Seal Slaughter Every Spring Two Worlds Collide

20/04/2008 Conservation Ship Towed Into Sydney Nova Scotia At Gun Point Is Still Under Seige

18/04/2008 Canadian Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn Lies & Relies On Newfoundland Seal Killers Vote

14/04/2008 Nisshin Maru & 5 Shamed Japanese Research Whale Killing Ships Arrive Back In Tokyo Japan

12/04/2008 Great News Sea Horses Are Now Increasing & Returning In The Thames

11/04/2008 Grey Whale Unlawfully Harpooned & Shot An Agonising Death Over 10 Hours

10/04/2008 Oceans Warming Up Faster Than Predicted

05/04/2008 Tide Of Plastic Threatens Sea Species Whales Dolphins Seals Sea Birds Turtles etc

02/04/2008 Oriental Bluebird Docked In Tokyo Bay With Cargo Of Illegal Whale Meat


11/01/2008 Japanese Whaling Fleet Found

29/12/2007 Sharks Kill Many People, Really?

22/12/2007 GreenEcoPeace Has Helped Stop Humpback Whaling

15/12/2007 Humpback Whale Foud Dead

09/12/2007 Australian Navel Vessel May Enter Antarctica

09/12/2007 Climate Change Demonstration

27/11/2007 Minke Whale Stranded Amazon Tapajos River Brazil

19/11/2007 Speaking On The Jeremy Vine Radio Show Today

18/11/2007 Japanese Whaling Ships Headed By The Nisshin Maru Left Shimonoseki Japan For The Antarctic

15/11/2007 Baby Seal Disaster Northern Hares Near The arne Isles Northumberland

15/11/2007 Orkney Isle Hooded Seals, Swim To Spain

14/11/2007 UK Baby Seals Swept Out To Sea

22/10/2007 Massacre Of 83 Dolphins On The Coast Of Macapa Brazil

12/10/2007 Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize

09/10/2007 AHooded Seal Returned To The Sea From The Orkney Isles

02/10/2007 Hooded Seals Saved & Directed To Their Home Land

29/09/2007 Sherwood Forest Nottingham

12/09/2007 The Pulling Off Of Crabs Claws & The Pain They May Suffer

03/09/2007 Two Common Seals Saved & Sent To Denmark

01/09/2007 Norwegian Whaling Ship Sunk

15/08/2007 Tower Bridge River Pollution

11/08/2007 Dolphin Could be In Danger

04/08/2007 Missing Dolphins On The Brixham Side Of The Coast Devon

03/08/2007 Whale Saved Fraserbugh Harbour Scotland

01/07/2007 C3 (Sea 3) Awareness & Environment Campaign

24/05/2007 Yangtzse River Dolphin (Baiji)

01/05/2007 Better Protection Needed For Our Seals

06/04/2007 Experiences From Our Colleagues


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