Japan Killers of Whales


122 Pregnant Whales were Killed in Japan's Latest Slaughter plus 114 were considered to young too be killed. Japan is killing whales for commercial purposes under the guise "Scientific Research". In 2014 the International Court of Justice banned Japan from whaling in the Antarctic Southern Ocean.

The Japanese ignored the ban and continued to slaughter our beautiful and precious whales, so vital to our eco sytem. 


Japan Announces Whale Killing, Commercially, Closer to Its Shores.


Whaling to start in July 2019. The Australian Government said "it was extremely disappointed in the Japanese decision", Japan will leave the Southern Ocean where it has had clashes with anti-whaling groups. The Japanese whaling fleet sadly is currently killing whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Japan has turned their backs on gloabl efforts to conserve whales and not to kill them. Climate change, entanglement in fishing nets, plastic pollution, under water noise and ship strikes threatens our ocean giants. The main whale slaughtering nations are Japan, Iceland and Norway, who openly defy the IWC's ban on commecial whale killing. 


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Some people talk about conservation but don't do anything about it! and yet, some conservationists get talked about and not very nicely sometimes. Often their hard difficult and sensitive work is unappreciated, but we do it for our planet.

GreenEcoPeace are aware of the dark forces out there, that go out of their way to destroy the good name of conservationists and the work that they do.

These trouble makers (some people), object and are resentful, of any help or donation given to a conservation group.

These dark force people, are dangerous and destructive, but they will not deter us from helping our oceans, wildlife, rainforest's, animals and the Antarctica. 


Sir David Attenborough

The voice and campaigner of protecting wildlife and the dangers of global warming.

Sir Paul McCartney

Calls for an end to Seal killing off Canada's East Coast.

Brian May (Queen guitarist)

Campaigning for the rights of Britians wildlife animals, from Foxes, Badgers to Hedgehogs.

GreenEcoPeace - Rescues Swan with a Fishing Hook In Its Throat

GreenEcoPeace on Conservation Patrol Investigating Wildlife Crime



GreenEcoPeace outside the Canadian Embassy

Campaigning against the cruel baby seal killing and allowing subsidized killer hunters to come onto the ice and skin alive baby seals. The Canadian government is heavily involved in this and even supplies an ice ship to crack the ice for the killer boats.

Prince Charles

Advising and Campaigning on Ocean Pollution and the dangers of plastic entering the sea and breaking down into small pieces and entering the food change.


Sir Richard Branson

Swims with Sharks to promote conservation of the endangered Tiger and Lemon Sharks

Gordon Ramsay

Exposes those who cruely kill 100,000,000 Sharks for their fins, for shark fin soup, its illegal, killing the sharks seriously effects the eco-system .

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