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  Welcome to The Green Navy, Animal & Wildlife Crime Unit & Our Anti Plastic Pollution Campaign, 

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Some people talk about conservation but don't do anything about it! and yet, some conservationists get talked about and not very nicely sometimes. Often their hard difficult and sensitive work is unappreciated, but we do it for our planet.

GreenEcoPeace are aware of the dark forces out there, that go out of their way to destroy the good name of conservationists and the work that they do.

These trouble makers (some people), object and are resentful, of any help or donation given to a conservation group.

These dark force people, are dangerous and destructive, but they will not deter us from helping our oceans, wildlife, rainforest's, animals and the Antarctica. 

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Battle of Britain to stop lobsters and crabs from being boiled alive. 

Can you imagine being boiled alive, fishermen and people say, "it's only a lobster, it's only a crab". But they have feelings just like you and me and they scream with pain and it takes approximately up to a massive 15 minutes for a lobster to slowly die, by being dropped in scolding boiling water and a crab is scolded to death in just a little less time.


Researchers have found that shell fish die in agony and now the pressure has come, to humanely slaughter them. Vets have said they want this practice outlawed, on animal cruelty grounds. 


Some leading chefs are now using electric humane stunning devices, but there are lots still boiling them to death. 


Switzerland was the first country to impose a ban on dropping lobsters and crabs cruelly in to a boiling pot of hot water.


We call ourselves a nation of animal lovers, but lobsters and crabs are Britain's forgotten animals. The same humane slaughter will also go for fish, to include, cod, haddock etc who slowly suffercate in agony and take up to 2 hours to die.


Government confirms that slaughter welfare standards are now under review.





Loving pets sadly waiting to be sold and clubbed to death for their meat

Chinese Dog Breeders Raise and Kill 'Thousands of Puppies' To Feed the Dinner Table 



An anonymous restaurateur revealed the grim reality of the dog meat industry.


The boss of a restaurant in China, has revealed the grim deadly reality of the country's dog meat industry to the media. The unidentified man, who reportedly owns a dog meat restaurant in southern China, claimed that some breeders are raising 'thousands of puppies' to feed diners. The restauranteur told a Chinese video outlet, 'people eat dogs in Guangxi and Leizhou, where i am from'.


Dogs Clubbed. Skinned Alive


However, the activity was not promoted and encouraged until 30 years ago, by the dog meat traders. The disgusting annual Yulin dog meat festival is traced back to 2009. This event has drawn waves of criticism from media and animal lovers, with influental figures campaigning from around the world, all trying to stop it. The local government has stopped organising this festival, as it has come under severe pressure. But vendors disobey and continue slaughtering and selling dog meat.


If you lived in China, these could be your dogs, Stolen, Skinned, Strung up, Waiting for a buyer to eat them.


A person added, some people in Guangxi raise dogs to sell them for their meat. They bring them up like pigs. One household with no shame, keeps thousands of dogs to cruely slaughter for their meat.

Stolen dogs for sale for meat, China

Guangxi is a province in southern China where the notorious Yulin dog meat festival takes place every June. It sees thousands of dogs clubbed to death and cruely killed, they are skinned often alive and cooked with blow torches before being eaten by the locals. China has already banned all trade and consumption of wild animals, now believed, responsible for the country's deadly COVID-19 virus epidemic.


These Dogs Where the LUCKY ones RESCUED

The majority of these family loving dogs which are companions, are stolen from peoples back yards, or snatched from the streets and are dragged away to waiting trucks, to eventually be beaten to death in slaughter houses and restaurants across China. According to a person, who is an animal lover in Guangdong, dog stew is common, this also goes on in Guangxi. For traditional Chinese medicine which is controversial, the Chinese medicine men says, dogs meat warms up the Chinese bodies. Mr Guo said, 'he lost 5 pets to dog thieves when he was growing up in Guangdong'.

He condemmed the shocking thieves behaviour. For the caring dog owners, they have lost their friends, the dog and the family is broken hearted. They are close to humans and shouldn't be food in some evil persons mouth.


Chopped Up Alive, the Chopper Seen On The Right

In China where lots of your TV's and goods are made, dogs are boiled or blow torched alive. Their crazy theory is, the adrenolin makes the meat taste better. The dogs are first torchered, to increase their adrenolin, to state of agony, then CUT IN HALF, ALIVE, WITH A CHOPPER. 


Family Dogs stolen, imported in Nets in to China, probably by boat's, Next stop, SLAUGHTER

IMAGINE you have two dogs, your loving devoted pets. IMAGINE the last two dogs to be slaughtered, after all the others have just suffered an unimaginable death, in a dirty, make shift, slaughter room, covered in blood. You know how intelligent your dogs are, now imagine the last dog to be slaughtered, watching the other dog, being butchered ALIVE, knowing that he or she will be NEXT

This loving pet, stolen, is destined for slaughter





EcoWarriors Against Plastic Pollution Another Virus Against Humanity Choking Our World

Trash Island Is a new island on our planet, made up of floating plastic and filth in the Pacific Ocean. Soon this could be happening in the United Kingdom, we've got to stop it!!


All this plastic could fill an area the size of France. Every minute of every day, every year, one equivalent large rubbush

truck full of plastic is dumped into the sea. This almost indistructable plastic material, upsets every part of our food chain. If our oceans can't function properly, they won't be able to support fish stocks or absorb carbon to protect us against global warming.


Dead whales are now being washed up in Norway and the North Sea, with stomachs full of plastic bags and plastic bottles. It's heart breaking. Every year plastic affects over 600 different species of sea life, with a least 1 million sea birds dying every year. By 2050 at this rate, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Catastrophic.


Plastic is one of the biggest threats to our planet today. Your local streams, rivers and beachs have all the evidence for you to see for yourself.


Sir David Attenborough

The voice and campaigner of protecting wildlife and the dangers of global warming.

Sir Paul McCartney

Calls for an end to Seal killing off Canada's East Coast.

Brian May (Queen guitarist)

Campaigning for the rights of Britians wildlife animals, from Foxes, Badgers to Hedgehogs.

GreenEcoPeace - Rescues Swan with a Fishing Hook In Its Throat

GreenEcoPeace on Conservation Patrol Investigating Wildlife Crime



GreenEcoPeace outside the Canadian Embassy

Campaigning against the cruel baby seal killing and allowing subsidized killer hunters to come onto the ice and skin alive baby seals. The Canadian government is heavily involved in this and even supplies an ice ship to crack the ice for the killer boats.

Johanna Lumley, speaks out against the cruel Hindu butchering and sacrificing of thousands of animals in Nepal

Prince Charles

Advising and Campaigning on Ocean Pollution and the dangers of plastic entering the sea and breaking down into small pieces and entering the food change.


Sir Richard Branson

Swims with Sharks to promote conservation of the endangered Tiger and Lemon Sharks

Gordon Ramsay

Exposes those who cruely kill 100,000,000 Sharks for their fins, for shark fin soup, its illegal, killing the sharks seriously effects the eco-system .

Find Out The True Story Behind the Fake Ugg Boots.

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