Slowly we are starting to destroy our planet earth and life on it and in fact we are starting to destroy ourselves.

Polluting and destroying our planet or polluting and destroying our bodies, either way causes deterioration and even devastation to life. We here at GreenEcoPeace care so much about our planet and we also care very much about our human body (us!). Like our planet our bodies can deteriorate too, though differently, through oxidation, eating bad for you foods, drinking artificial flavour chemical drinks, inhaling pollution and of course abuse. We have to protect our bodies (ourselves) against these chemical foreign bodies and abuse, in the same way as we have to protect our planet against carbon dioxide, increased global warming, pollution and abuse and what we are doing to it. Our planet too, doesn’t like chemical foreign bodies interfering with it! Remember we have only one life our planet earth has many.

Yes quite often life style and what we eat can be responsible for the state our body is in and when we come to reaching a ripe old age and we take a look back at the abuse that we have done to our body, we realise and often with regret, that we have paid the ultimate price, (devastation to many parts of our body). So more than ever, the correct food and nutrition and of course some form of exercise, is the all important and that is often what older people do not get enough of.

We can compare the human body, in a way, to the planet, do bad things to it and bad things will happen to it. Eat junk food and we will build junk cells which could lead to the cemetery. Polluting the planet is irresponsible and can result in devastating consequences, carbon dioxide being just one example 

Polluting our body with incorrect (bad) foods and artificial drinks and in some cases alcohol, can lead to major problems in our body and eventually the start of the destruction of it. Eating foods processed and soaked in hydrogenated oils and Trans fatty acids and artificial ingredients, is just one example and children eating foods with artificial flavours and colours and drinking chemical drinks is just another example. In our opinion, from eating these types of ‘bad for you foods’ and 'bad for you drinks', trouble may start both inside and outside the body. Hopefully now you are beginning to understand that life on earth is geared to business and money. The fat cat food manufacturers often make chemical flavours, poorly nourished foods for profit and are not too worried about the benefits for you. Toxic wastes from irresponsible and ruthless businesses are often dumped in land fills and the sea for their convenience. This of course poisons our earth and seas.

We are now producing more co² than the world can cope with (BBC Tuesday 11th September 2007 a.m. Breakfast). Another worry is that some of us may be eating more rubbish foods than the body can cope with.  

Illnesses such as arthritis, heart problems, cancer to obesity to hyper active children, troublesome foods we believe, could help trigger off many of these problems, which could cause deterioration to our bodies. We here at GreenEcoPeace are very concerned about human beings and we have to protect them, as the human being is a very active and precious part of the planet and can be affected too by deterioration caused by pollution and chemicals which are often added to food and drinks. Helping humans eat the right type of foods, is a growing concern and helping to protect them and showing caring for the human beings life and the appreciation of the wonders of the human body, is all important. It’s just like advising people how they should care for our planet and the right thing that should happen within our planet and the wrong things that we shouldn’t do, that hurt our planet. For example, eating fresh foods and the right nutrition may help to keep us away from the doctor and out of hospital (less chance of getting MRSA and C Dif) and hopefully keep us a lot healthier. So lots of fresh fruit and vegetables please and organic where possible, fresh foods may help your health, (BBC Breakfast Wednesday 19th September 2007). Adding chemicals to foods, which in return may help to deteriorate our body, is like adding chemicals to our planet, which can then cause havoc and deteriorate our planet. Adding chemicals to anything natural you have to be careful! Chemicals often cause side affects, does this make sense? The human being is very sensitive and very much part of the planet, the environment and the eco system and it is important that our own body system is working correctly and as naturally as possible and as unpolluted as possible, just like it is very important that we monitor what is happening to our planet, as our planet earth is very sensitive and the more natural we keep it the better. When things start to go wrong on our planet i.e.: carbon dioxide, increased global warming, we’ve all got to do something about it and fast and we have to do our bit to try and put it right, because mother earth soon lets us know when there is a problem, she erupts just as our body erupts and soon lets us know, when there is a problem.

The planet seemed to manage perfectly alright before modern mankind came along. So why doesn’t modern mankind stop trying to destroy it and the many things that live on it, including himself!  

So we here at GreenEcoPeace are adamant and vouch to continually find chemical free solutions that may help our bodies to health, just like we are adamant in trying to find chemical free solutions to help our planet get back to a healthy state. Helping people who are unfortunate to experience illness which is often brought on by life style and from not thoroughly understanding the quality of food that they are eating, in particular the ingredients. Illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis and osteoporosis, (1 in 3 women get osteoporosis (BBC Breakfast Wednesday 19th September 2007 and 1 in 12 men get osteoporosis, many will get up to 12 fractures and not just 1), have the right to know about natural nutrition and remedies that may help their bodies. Alternative choice is a human right! We must not be controlled by European bureaucracy and the chemical pharmaceutical industry, for example GlaxoSmithKline and similar cronies!

What we at GreenEcoPeace are striving for all the time, is living in “harmony with our planet earth”, campaigning against global warming, climate change and carbon dioxide and protecting our mammals in the sea. We also strive to keep our seas and rivers clean, help indigenous children and people and we try to pursuade people not to be selfish and destroy our precious planet.

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