September 2008


The Largest Remaining Tropical Rainforest In The World Is Threatened 

A huge area of the Amazon Rainforest falls within the borders of Brazil, it also climbs out into the regions of Guyana, Venezuela, Columbia, Peru and Bolivia.

The Amazon Rainforest is as large as Weston Europe or the whole of the USA and covers five percent of the worlds land and massively extends over 6.5 million square kilometres.

Ten percent of the Worlds Mammals and fifteen percent of some of the Worlds best known land based plant species, live in the Amazon Rainforest and as many as 300 species of Tree's, in a single hectare.

The Amazon Rainforest is thought to be the most diverse eco-systems on earth and play's a vital role in keeping the worlds climate stable.

The Amazon Rainforest is threatened by deforestation and the burning of everything in sight, as the greedy fat cats and loggers plunge ever more deeper into the Rainforest, fuelled by greed and demand for cheap supplies of plywood and tropical timber and the agriculture invasion to grow commodities such as palm oil and soya, which is mainly used in animal feeds in European countries.

Illegal logging in the Amazon Rainforest is a nightmare itself, it is estimated that illegal logging counts for more than sixty to eighty percent of all Amazon Rainforest logging. It is also estimated that over one million hectares within the Rainforest are being used to grow soya.

Find out if palm oil in soap cosmetics or food etc that you normally use, comes from unscrupulous countries. Do a little research, demand from your supermarket manager, or your supplier, where the palm oil come from in your products. Don't be afraid to ask, think of the Rainforest being destroyed and orangutans being burnt to death for the soap and food etc that you use.

Buy organic palm oil if you can. Surely after your research, you will then feel much better within yourself.


Amazon Rainforest Soya Moratorium Extended A Further Year

Cargills, one of the Leading Soya Traders, had a massive amount of Soya dumped outside the entrance of their European Headquarters in 2006. Cargills have now signed up to the moratorium on Amazon Soya Expansion. (Against Deforestation to Grow Soya).

The Brazilian Soya Traders gave a two year soya moratorium after pressure by campaign groups to stop cutting down ancient forests, this commenced in 2006, stopping at least for the time being, the trade in soya, grown on newly deforested land.

We are pleased to announce that this moratorium has been extended for a further year.

There has been a rising international demand for soya. This has led many inconsiderate farmers to cut down and burn ancient Rainforests and burn to death orangutans, to make way for soya cultivation.

Despite the pressure from rising soya prices, the soya harvested this year 2008 has not come from newly deforested areas.

Huge pressure from producers and traders has been put on the Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Industries, which represents soya traders and producers.

The producers and traders want to weaken the moratorium by allowing soya plantations in area's not permitted under the existing agreement. Despite the pressure, at a press conference in Brazil, Abiove has just confirmed, that it will back the existing moratorium for one more year, which is encouraging.

The Brazilian environment minister Carlos Minc told reporters; "The moratorium is a successful initiative by civil society and the soya industry. The federal government is entering the process now and is committed to register and license all rural properties in the Amazon Biome. Inspired by the success of this initiative, the Brazilian government is negotiating similar approaches with timber and beef industries."

After recent research, we still find deforestation still going on. So there is a lot more work to be done. Illegal logging is still one of the major serious problems.


Fate Of The Worlds Whales Meeting With George W Bush's Appointee Bill Hogarth 

George W Bush's appointee Bill Hogarth, called for a secret meeting of IWC members this week at the Trade Winds Island, Grand Beach Resort in St Petersburg Florida.

Present at the meeting were only 26 countries of the 80 members of the International Whaling Commission (IWC).

Dr William Hogarth will try and push the Bush plan to overturn the global ban, in other words, bow to the Japanese demands for new whaling quotes.

Since 1986, the IWC has issued quotas only to the Aboriginal substance whaling, yet more than a massive 30,000 whales have been illegally killed for commercial purposes since the ban.

The majority of people in the USA overwhelmingly oppose the slaughter of our beautiful intelligent whales as does the UK.

The IWC is an 80 nation body charged with the conservation of our planets wonderful whales and not their decimation.

The Jap government slaughters whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary under the bogus claims of Scientific Research, but the meat of the whales arrives back in Japan for commercial sale.

Japan has again threatened to add the gentle humpback whales to it's bloody kill list.

Concessions are being negotiated and Japan, Norway, Iceland and Denmark could be granted a so called licence to kill thousands of whales. What a terrible thought!.

Please email George Bush.


Japanese Try To Undermine Authority Of The International Whaling Commission 

It has been alleged that Japan is working to organise secret meeting to try and undermine the authority of the International Whaling Commission (IWC). It has also been alleged that Japan is trying to set up an International support group to legitimatize the illegal whaling activities.

Japan knows it is deceitfully trying to deceive the world by slaughtering whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. It knows the world is watching and is against this, but it doesn't care, it continues to stab whales in the back, chop up their bodies and eat them bit by bit.

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