November 2009


Whales Dolphins Porpoises Strangled 

Fishing nets kill 300,000 whales, dolphins, porpoises and seals world wide. Entanglement in the nets is a huge threat to the survival of many of our sea species.

Bottom trawling is destroying our entire deep sea coral. The shrimp industry is also very destructive as is salmon farming, it takes almost 4 kilo's of wild caught fish to produce 1 kilo of farmed salmon.


Our Predators Are Disappearing

A vital indicator of our Eco System and the health of it, are the population of our predators and they are disappearing fast. Man is killing everything in sight.

90% of our large fish such as cod, tuna etc ... have been critically over fished since the factory ships started in the 1950's. The dragging out of the oceans our top predators and killing them is causing a serious movement of our oceans eco-system. Soon our valuable fish may be replaced by smaller plankton eating fish and we may even soon see huge amounts of jelly fish replacing fish eaten by humans.


Deadly Japanese Whale Killers Head For Antarctica 

8 Whale death ships have just left Japan with the sole intention of killing 925 protected Antarctic Minke whales and 50 endangered Fin Whales. The Yakuza (mafia) controlled Japanese killer whale fleet will endeavour with all its force to fire explosive devises into approximately 1050 whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales. The cruel explosive devises enter the whales body and will blow part of the whales body inside, outside, they will be screaming in unbearable pain, the whales will then be dragged screaming along side the catcher ships, hung upside down still alive and then they will be pumped full of air. After this passing of all imagination, experience and suffering, the whales will then be transferred to the butcher factory ship where they will be chopped up into pieces often still screaming and still alive.

These whales feel pain just like you and me and they are the largest and most intelligent and most socially complex sentient beings in our oceans today. Often when the whales are being barbarically slaughtered, the Jap whale killers just laugh and spit in the face of the helpless whales, the whales just looking into the eyes of the cruel Japanese whale killers, helpless and knowing that in seconds they will be DEAD!

The Japs travel over 6000 miles to the remote icy waters to mercilessly butcher these innocent family orientated whales. They go inside the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary (a sanctuary for whales), in full violation of the Global Moratorium on commercial whaling. They also abuse the Antarctic Treaty.

The Japanese Deceive & Lie and say that they are slaughtering and butchering our wonderful whales for 'Scientific Research', What Research? there has never been been any real evidence or proper published research. The poor whale is helplessly dragged out of the sea and chopped up into tiny pieces in hours and ready for selling commercially to schools, shops, hospitals and sushi bars as soon as the ship arrives back in Japan.

Nation after Nation challenge Japan including the UK over its cruel slaughter of whales, a slaughter house would be shut down immediately if it performed such cruelty that the whale had to go through and yet the Japs laughingly, still carry out this merciless cruel barbaric slaughter on our helpless human friendly whales.

Around the world nation after nation say that there is no need to kill one single whale for research with todays technology and the IWC (International Whaling Commission) in 2007 passed a resolution calling for an end to Japans whaling in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Please donate to us, as we are at the fore front of making every effort to stop this cruel whale killing and we are working hard to encourage and promote whale watching, as humane profitable and educational and kind, working interactively with our wonderful mammal, family loving whales.

Whales travel miles as far as Australia to mate, then they come to the Antarctic to feed normally on tiny krill. That's when the Japs are waiting for them, to kill them, often with babies inside of them and the very young swimming along side with their mums!

The Japs will kill pregnant mums and the young, they don't care as long as they get their quota of around 1025 endangered whales. Please will you Donate to us we are non profit and we need your help and support which enables us to keep going and put pressure on governments who in return put pressure on Japan. We also give our support to conservation groups such as Paul Watson and the Shepherd crew who have ships out in the Antarctic trying to block the harpoons killing the whales. 450 whales were saved last year including after a petition 50 Humpbacks.

Japan bribes over 28 poor nations by giving them huge amounts of aid, in return for these poorer nations coming to the IWC conventions and voting for Japan to continue killing whales. This is a vile way of doing business but of course Japan knows exactly how to do this!


Our Oceans Are Dying

Huge ships with special equipment are raping our sea's of fish.

Larger fish are being fished virtually to extinction by industrial fishing fleets. These giant fishing vessels often illegal, out match natures chances of replacing fish stocks. Ruthless giant floating factories are destroying our fish stocks.

The fish have no chance at all.


We Are Slowly Destroying Our Earth

80% of all life on our earth is to be found beneath the waves of our vast oceans. The ocean pulses all around the world drive the natural forces, which amazingly maintain all life on our planet.

The movement and rolling of the Sea's right across the planet creates unbelievably over 50% of our oxygen. The oceans are also a vital source of protein and minerals and other resources.

The oceans dominate our weather systems, natural energy flows and nutrients. The oceans move huge amounts of water, much more than all the rivers. The oceans keep our planet habitable. Without our oceans there would be no life on our earth.


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