May 2009


22.40 GMT First Whale Murdered Iceland 

Eco Terrorists the New Icelandic Government and the Whale Killers have just ordered the death of the first whale to be killed by inserting an explosive into its body via a fast traveling missile harpoon. This would seriously damage the inside of the body of the whale, allowing the whale killers to drag the screaming, highly intelligent whale still alive in excruciating pain, along side the ship, until they found the next whale to mutilate.

The barbaric Iceland whalers have bullied the Icelandic government into submitting, whalers according to some Icelandic people are nothing but callous evil bullies and are cruel minded people and many say that they are an embarrassment to their country and very capable of bulling people and government into submission.

The Icelandic whalers are going out there to kill/slaughter/murder, whatever you wish to call it, 150 endangered Fin Whales and 100 Minke whales.

This is in violation of the global moratorium on commercial whaling and they have defied the regulation of the Convention of the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITIES).

Iceland earns 5 million a year from whale watching, they don't need to kill whales.

Japan, Norway, Iceland, Faroes Islands (Denmark's kingdom) are the main deadly whale killing nations of our world today. Some other nations are destroying other marine life and our sea's, fishing to extinction, bottom trawling and long lining.

Don't just watch what goes on, do something about it, join us! 


GreenEcoPeace Helps Stop Tanked Whale Sharks

The resorts world at Sentosa Singapore had plans to install a new aquarium and put in it Whale Sharks, which can grow up to 15 meters in the ocean.

GreenEcoPeace have been campaigning against this shocking whale shark aquarium in Singapore and the good news is, we have won the battle, to save the whale sharks, an horrific death (slowly dying in a tank). It has been worth it. R.W.S, after opposition, have decided against going ahead with the aquarium. The R.W.S spokes women Krist Boo, admitted that the aquarium may not have been right for the whale sharks.

What right have people to take out of the ocean, these endangered and wonderful whale sharks. They have no right whatsoever!


USA Seal War With Canada

A Baby Seal Skinned Alive, what wrong has this poor little fellow done to deserve this. Photo by S Cook

US Marine Mammal Protection Act against Seal Killing.

The passing of the US senate resolution 84 on the 7th May 2009 calls for an immediate end to the Canadian Commercial Seal Hunt. This is another nail in the coffin for the baby seal killing mad, Canadian government and the New Foundland barbaric seal slaughters, who kill over 280,000 baby seals a year, blundgening them to death.

This historic US vote has come just after another historic vote, the banning of all imported seal products from Canada, by the European Union and with President Vlademir Putin shutting down the cruel seal killing in Russia and calling it a blood bath, it now shows that the world is turning against the slaughter, whilst still alive, of over 280,000 baby seals a year, on the instructions of the Canadian government, who also subsides the slaughter.

Senator Levin, USA said, "Canada needs to understand that the rest of the world will not stand by and allow this slaughter to continue."

The USA senate resolution, was sponsored by Senators Carl Levin (D-Michigan) and Susan Collins (R-Maine).

Senator Collins said, "International opinion, as well as the opinion of the vast majority of Canadian citizens, is over whelming in favour of ending the Canadian seal kill. We strongly encourage the government of Canada to bring this inhumane slaughter to and end."

The resolution recorded, that during the last five years, more than 1 million seals have been slaughtered. Most of the pups were between 12 days and 12 weeks old.

The poor seals never had a chance to have a good solid meal or even a swim.

Write to the Canadian government now and oppose the slaughter.


From Our Intelligence Service


Some appalling atrocities that have been carried out by barbaric seal slaughterers.

In the book, The Living Ice by Pol Chantraine, who was a sealer, describes how the first baby seal to be killed each year, by each sealer, is slit open whilst still alive and the beating heart removed. The sealer then drinks the blood and paints a crucifix on his forehead in blood.

And Mickey Dwyer in his book Over The Side wrote:

"Once, after only a short time into the Hunt, I had saved up ten heads that we used for two hours to play 'head-ball.' It was like hockey but instead of using sticks, we used our hak-a-piks to try and shoot the head between two twitching corpses we used as goal posts. We all took turns in the net. By the time the game was over, eyeballs, teeth, fragments of skull bone and lower jawbones were scattered all over the rink. We all had a great deal of fun."                          


Years Of Campaigning Victory For The Seals 

GreenEcoPeace has been a major player in campaigning against the seal slaughter.

The Commission, The Council and the Parliament (all three European Institutes) are now in agreement that seal products will no longer be sold within the E.U.

Europe believe it or not! has been a major market for Canadian seal products.

The ban it is believed, could be a major blow to the cruel seal killings where approximately 300,000 seals a year are haka picked and then their fur removed from their 3 week old bodies, whilst they are still alive.

This year because of the European ban there were approximately 58,000 baby seals slaughtered over a quarter of a million Canadian baby seals will now be saved. 

The cruel seal killings officially ends on the 15th May. This year there was a massive drop in the prices of baby seal fur, each fur was fetching just $15, a huge drop of 86 percent.

Swedish member of Parliament Carl Schlyter after seeing the horrific slaughter of baby seals on the ice, came back and drafted the first version of today's ban. History has now been made.

The ports mainly in Germany and the Netherlands will now be shut down to seal products.   


Great News Great News Victory For The Seals

Europe bans the import of all European Seal Products. GreenEcoPeace has been a major player along with other conservation groups in campaigning for the ban in European Seal Products. See current news for more. It is hoped now that the European decision could spell the end of the approximate 300,000 a year seal slaughter. Thank you to senator MacHarb who has been the only Canadian politician to stand up for the seals and against the seal slaughter and a big thank you Euro Parliament.

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