Japanese Children Watch Whales Being Slaughtered

Japanese children as young as ten are watching whales being slaughtered to teach them the "cultural importance" of Japan's controversial commercial whaling industry.

As the whaling season gets under way, schoolchildren in Wada, 50 miles southeast of Tokyo, have been on field trips to see the first Baird's beaked whales of the year winched up the concrete slipway and carved up with razor-sharp flensing knives.

Smartly dressed and in bright yellow caps, the children took notes and sketched parts of the 36 foot whale as it was dismembered.

From their small boats, local fishermen will harpoon up to 26 of the whales during the three-month season. It is now one of just four communities permitted to conduct coastal whaling.

Much of the blubber is carved into bricks that are sold to local people, most of whom have eaten whale all their lives, and the remainder is packaged and sold to supermarkets.

Japan defies the International Whaling Commission's 1986 ban on commercial whaling by claiming that its catches are "research whaling", adding that the by-product of scientific research is not wasted.

A Japanese delegation is currently in Santiago, the Chilean capital, where the IWC is meeting, repeating the government line that the populations of minke, sperm and fin whales have recovered sufficiently since whaling was banned that commercial hunts should again be permitted.

Early discussions were described as peaceful and constructive, but Wednesday's session was marked by renewed accusations and finger-pointing involving Japan and Australia, one of the most vocal opponents of Tokyo's plans.

Peter Garrett, the Australian environment minister, said there was absolutely no need to kill whales for scientific purposes. "In Australia's view the programmes are in reality commercial whaling operations prohibited by the moratorium," Mr Garrett said. "It is no longer sufficient for us merely to oppose whaling under scientific permit. It's time for it to stop."

Joji Morishita, of the Japanese delegation, responded by claiming scientific whaling was "legitimate, necessary and delivers comprehensive data crucial to Japan's research".

He added that countries that oppose the research should "open their eyes".

Shigeko Misaki, a former spokeswoman for the Japan Whaling Association, said it was important that a new generation of Japanese was learning the nation's traditions.

"The anti-whaling campaign has gone too far," she said. "It has almost become a religion, that whales are the only symbol of the marine eco-system. People who believe this religion think all Japanese people are evil because we kill whales.


Day 5 Of The 60th International whaling Commission Meeting Santiago Chile

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Day 3 Of The 60th International Whaling Commission Meeting Santiago Chile 

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Day 2 Of The 60th International Whaling Commission Meeting Santiago Chile

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The 60th International Whaling Commission Meeting Santiago Chile 

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GreenEcoPeace Have Emailed Over 34 Pro-Whaling Nations


Dolphin Spotted In The Clyde Tangled In Plastic Surrounded By Litter

A Risso's dolphin was seen in the Clyde on Saturday 22nd June 2008 a.m.

The dolphin spent hours swimming near the Glasgow Science Centre and the Scottish Exhibition Conference Centre despite being surrounded by litter.

The dolphin had plastic attached to it's fin. The dolphin also had a nasty gash close to it's eye.

The dolphin later disappeared, it was hoped that it had headed out to sea.

Risso's dolphins are often found around the coast of Scotland normally in very deep water.

A little about the Risso's Dolphin

Risso's dolphis (Grampus griseus) were first described in 1812 by George Cuvier, a French naturalist and zoologist.

They are typically up to 12ft long, averaging about 650 pounds. Larger Risso's dolphins can weigh up to 1,100lb.

They have stock heads without a beak, and get whiter as they age, largely due to extensive scarring caused by fights with other dolphins or the squid they eat.

Found all over the world, the mammals favour deep temperate and tropical waters, from the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, to the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. They prefer waters just off a continental shelf, on deep banks where the water temperature is at least 10C, if not warmer than 15C.

Populations have been recorded as high as 60,000 off the United States and more than 250,000 in the Pacific, though there is no worldwide estimate of Risso's dolphin numbers.


Whales Dolphins & Seals Of The World May Be Facing Growing Sonic Threat

The cetaceans need us conservationists and people who care about cetaceans to protect them, this was proved beyond all doubt by the shocking news that over 100 Melon Headed Whales stranded themselves on the coast of Madagascar. The heart breaking mass stranding's may be linked to noise disturbances in the sea, probably from sonar and seismic testing.

We are over exploiting our oceans, we are causing hurt, harm and pain, to whales, dolphins and seals, they are already suffering from climate change, lack of their natural food and from being caught up in fishing nets. Why are we doing all these terrible things to them?

The world scientists have been meeting in advance of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Chile. The IWC conference will end on 27th June 2008. The Pro Whaling nations are going to have to account for the recent exposure of back door selling of whale meat in Japan and the exporting of illegal whale meat from Iceland and Norway.

There is a global ban on commercial whaling and the trading of whale meat.

There is a dead lock situation on going, between pro conservationists and pro whaling countries. Conservationists wants our mammal friends left alone in the sea, as they were before cruel humans came along and the pro whaling nations want to slaughter and exterminate mammals by the 100's and even to extinction.

Why spend £1000s and £1000s on IWC conferences to talk about killing whales, just leave them alone and set up an IWC protection committee with their own patrol monitoring vessels and satellite protection to protect the whales so instead of killing whales create a world watching international whale committee of benefit to all mankind.


Double Crossing Denmark In European Union But The Only European Nation Abstaining 

Denmark wants the mass slaughter and the cruely killing of whales high on it's menu and also wants it's assistant seal killer nations, Greenland and whale killers the Faeroe Islands, to continue their mass killing of whales, whilst Denmark itself is in the European Union.

Overall well in excess of over 3000 whales will be killed in a year by the Faeroe Islands, plus Greenland's cruel seal killing and whale killing. 

Whales Faeroe Islands.

These poor defenceless mostly pilot whales are driven towards the shore and into alcoves where they cannot escape. They are then netted and pulled to the shore, where they have knives plunged into them until the screaming is heard no more and they slowly die leaving a sea full of red blood.

Denmark supports the killing of whales and seals within it's Danish kingdom. Denmark is also in Europe, but Greenland and the Faeroe Islands are part of the Danish kingdom and are not in the European Union.

If Denmark is in Europe then shouldn't Greenland and the Faeroe Islands be in the European Union, then Greenland and Faeroe Islands may just have to account for some of the atrocities carried out on defenceless mammals.

Last week, 5th June 2008, it was agreed that the European Union will present a united front and will support the continuation of the global moratorium on commercial whaling at the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commssion (IWC) in Chile in two weeks time.

However, Denmark has decided to be the sole European Union member to exclude itself from the United Front, as it wants its Danish kingdom to kill whales and seals cruelly without any emotion.

Choose Denmark, do as Europe does, you can't have it both ways.


Police Investigation Whale Meat Scandal In Japan 

Today the district prosecutor has confirmed that there will be an investigation into the theft of whale meat from the Nisshin Maru slaughter house factory ship.

Japan spent 4 months cracking open what appears to be a major conspiracy of corruption at the heart of Japans government backed sham scientific whaling operation.

An informer associated with whale company Kyodo Senpaku said that not only their employees were involved, officials from the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) the agency that carries out the so called "scientific Research" work on board the whaler's slaughter house factory ship the Nisshin Maru - were almost certainly aware of the thefts as well.


Mass Stranding's Of 30 Striped Dolphins In The Percnil River Porth Creek Cornwall

Many marine experts, vets, conservationists, the public and Falmouth RNLI inshore lifeboat, rushed to the river after a horrified member of the public discovered the heart breaking carnage on the morning of the 8th June 2008.

Sadly by the time the stranding had been discovered, 20 dolphins had already suffocated and 10 more were failing in shallow water.

Hot weather worsened the situation, dehydrating the dolphins.

Eventually, sadly, only two dolphins were saved. It was the worst stranding's in 20 years.

On 10th June 2008, the Royal Navy denied that Sonar from it's warships were to blame. Unfortunately, unused to shallow waters, it is believed the dolphins became confused. They then sent out distress signals, which could have lured other dolphins into the river to try and help them.

The lifeboat Helmsman, said his crew struggled desperately to save the trapped dolphins.

GreenEcoPeace observed the situation throughout and on returning to London, kept in touch with the Cornwall Wildlife trust.


St Bees Near Whitehaven Cumbria Porpoise & Dolphin Found Dead

Close to the Sellafield Nuclear Plant, Cumbria one porpoise and one dolphin was sadly found dead.

It is believed that they had been washed up and were found dead when deposited by the sea onto the beach.

There were various local theories on how they died and some people thought that they may have swallowed waste plastic dumped at sea.

GreenEcoPeace observed the situation and notified the local council to remove their bodies.


Europe Joins Together In Defence Of The Whales

Details of Dead Dolphins Logged Before Removal

A statement has just been issued just before the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting this month, that the European Union has agreed to take a unified stand against whaling.

"Europe can now take a strong stand at the International Whaling Commission and use all its weight to get a more effective protection for whales worldwide", said EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas.

The European Commission has been spear heading efforts to find a joint position, but as the 27 nation block is not ready yet a party to the IWC, it cannot negotiate on behalf of member states. Environment ministers meeting in Luxembourg adopted a common position based on support for the current moratorium on commercial whaling. The setting up of whale sancturies and encouraging the use of non-lethal methods to collect scientific data.

"There is no need to kill whales to obtain scientific information about whales". The EU's executive commissioner said, in a statement. "Adequate data for management purposes can be obtained using non-lethal techniques".

With Australia's labour government backing down from it's campaign to defend the whales, the United European position will now help enormously.


Embassy Demonstration Japanese End Up Paying Most Of London Court Costs

The Japanese called in the police, when Martyn Wyness from Sea Shepherd scoured the building of the Japanese Embassy at No 1-4 Piccadilly London earlier this year to demonstrate to the world that the Japanese were cruelly slaughtering whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales, under the deceitful name of Scientific Research.

At the court hearing Martyn Wyness was supported by Paul Watson and many Sea Shepherd campaigners, GreenEcoPeace and other organisations.

The judge appeared sympathetic to Martyn Wyness and gave him a conditional discharge.

The judge refused to jail or fine Martyn.

The Japanese tried for hefty court costs, but the judge slapped the hands of the Japs and said, 'sorry I'm only asking for £100 towards the costs of this case from Martyn'.

"Thank you judge" sorry it cost you money Mr nasty Jap, if you didn't slaughter whales, you wouldn't have to call the police. 


BBC Confirms That Norway & Iceland Illegally Export Whale Meat To Japan 

Shocking News has just come to light that the BBC have obtained information that 60 tons of Endangered Fin Whale meat killed in 2006 has been illegally shipped to Japan, along with a smaller shipment of Minke whale meat from Norway.

Commercial Whaling has been banned globally under the International Whaling Commission (IWC) since 1986.

The Global Trade in whale meat is also prohibited under the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

The Fin Whale is listed as endangered on the International Red List of Threatened and Endangered Species.

The Fin Whale killing company in Iceland is Hvalurhf and their spokesman is Kristjan Loftsson.

Mr Stefan Asmundsson a senior official in the Ministry and Iceland's Commissioner to the IWC, said blatantly, that those who were in the hunt could export whale products and he also said that some whale meat had been shipped to Japan.

Iceland's fisheries ministry said, it was not an issue that concerned the government.

An official in Norway's Directorate of Nature Management (just a fancy name), confirmed that his government had issued export permits for Minke whale meat totalling 5.3 tons to two companies. A spokesman for one of the two companies, Myklebust Trading, said the consignment sent by air had reach Japan.

An official in Japan's fisheries agency denied all knowledge of the whale imports.

Well we guessed that!!

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