July 2008


Cruel Seal Hunting Products Must Not Be Allowed To Enter EU 

Cruel Seal Hunting products must not be allowed to enter the EU. Stavros Dimas EU Environmental Commissioner.

The European Commission have just adopted a proposal to ban all products from seals killed inhumanely from being imported into the European Union Member Nations.

This means that seal products cannot be transhipped to Asia through European Ports.

We are very cautious about the following proposal.

The EU proposal says that the trade in seal products would be allowed from countries that can offer guarantee's that their hunting techniques are "consistent with high animal - welfare standards" and animals are killed swiftly without undue suffering.

The EU will also allow special exemptions for Canada's artic Inuit community.

The ban recommends a certificate and label, making clear seal products they trade, meet strict EU conditions.

Canada may insist that the Canadian slaughter of seals is "Humane" but the evidence, "video" demonstrates that it is in fact exceptionally cruel. The only way that a seal pelt can be sold in Europe now is if the killing of each seal is documented on video and the pelt is marked to match the video.

Apparently the EU was forced to word the ban the way they did to avoid trade retaliation from Canada.

Canada could have imposed trade restrictions for an out right ban, but it will be difficult to contradict the wording of the proposal that specifically prohibits products obtained inhumanely.


Japan Aomori, Conservationists Expose Nisshin Maru Whale Meat Thieves Then Are Jailed 

Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki, were charged with theft and trespass by the prosecutor in Aomori, after they exposed on 15th May 2008 a major scandal around the embezzlement of whale meat from the Japanese government sponsored South Ocean, so called, Scientific Whaling Program.

The conservationists had been detained since 10th June 2008 and were released on bail, on 15th July 2008.

It appears that the powerful forces within Japan's government, don't want scrutiny of the thieving whaling industry.

On the day the campaigners were arrested, the public prosecutor dropped the investigation into the thieving whaling industry, claiming that there was insufficient evidence to pursue charges against any of the Nisshin Maru crew, or whaling officials.

40 police officers raided the campaigners offices, they spent over 10 hours, seizing mobiles, documents and computers.

Apparently it was stated by the conservationists spokesman, that the Japanese establishment were attempting to silence a legitimate peaceful protest, to protect the so called deceitful scientific whaling program in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales. The spokesman, also went on to say, that from the beginning it has been clear that the arrests and detention of Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki have been politically motivated.

Our thoughts are with our colleagues at Greenpeace.


Rainforest New Figures Just Out Approximately Over 100 Acres Destroyed Per Minute 

Tropical rainforests are rapidly disappearing from our planet.

Deforestation occurs in these tropical forest lands. The lands are not irreversable and soils in these places are often poor as they are supporting many often rare trees. This means that a few years after the forests have been ruthlessly destroyed, the valuable nutrients in the soil will have desolved and died off.

Governments are the main problem, they encourage people to convert the rainforests into cattle ranches and palm tree growing area's.

It is inevitable, that if this practise does not stop, carbon dioxide from the burning off the forests, added methane from cattle and global warming, the whole, could become irreversible.

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