January 2009


Tasmania 48 Whales Die On Beach 

A large group (pod) of sperm whales numbering 48, beached themselves off Australia's Southern remote Perkins  Island on the North West tip Tasmania. 

Out of the pod of 48, sadly only 1 whale survived and then died. The rescue efforts were severely hampered because the sperm whales (mammals) which grow up to 60ft (approximately 14m), landed on a beach area, which was only accessible by boat.

Strandings in this region unfortunately, are not uncommon, nobody seems to really understand why they do it, although there have been several theories.


Whales On Earth 199 Million Years Worth Only £99,000 

A nation such as Japan where billions of yen (£) means nothing to them is prepared to help wipe off of the earth, our amazing multi-ton endangered and threatened peaceful, family orientated whales.

This killing is for just £99,000 for each whale ordered to be killed, by the Japanese, a 199 million years of a species with a price on it's head of just a sickening £99,000.

The Japanese are prepared to risk the lives of people who are crewing these ships, for just £99,000, for each slaughtered whale, which is illegally dragged out of the sea, in whale protected areas and illegally sold as whale meat on the Japanese market.

The Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research is prepared to send ships to sea, for almost 6 months and risk the lives of 100's of people. 2 Japanese lost their lives in 2007 and 1 Japanese lost his life in 2008 and there have been other serious injuries. Japan should remember, that Nature Never Forgets the Hurt and Pain inflicted on it's whales.

The Japanese it appears, don't even care if they loose their ships either, they Know the dangers that have lingered around the factory slaughter house ship the Nisshin Maru in the past and yet they still send these ships out to the Antarctic. There was an incident in 2007 which caused the Nisshin Maru factory ship to blow up, list and nearly sink, if the Nisshin Maru had sank, the destruction to the Antarctic, marine life and the real possibility of the mass loss of human life, would have been unthinkable. 

The Japanese government accept and are fully aware that whale killer vessels and people, are continuingly being sent out each year, in some of the worlds most dangerous sea's, to eliminate forever, our endangered and threatened, extremely vital for our ecosystem, our prehistoric whales.

The Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research and Japanese whalers, are robbing our sea's and dragging out of our sea's and agonisingly slaughtering, approximately 999 whales, to earn approximately £99 million pounds, putting a price on the head of each whale of only approximately £99,000, for such a wonderful and irreplaceable animal. 

The Japanese government approved Institute of Cetacean Research and the whalers, do not care that our endangered and threatened whales, have been on our earth for and in our sea's for, over 199 million years.

Here are some of the other shamed whale slaughtering nations, Norway, Denmark (Faroes Islands, Greenland), St Lucia, Grenadines and South Korea (see main menu, whales). The Inuit's kill whales and some of the Inuit's slaughter whales and exchange whale meat for cars and electrical and luxury goods. We don't agree that whales should be killed for a TV or car or luxury goods etc.

Narwhal's tusks which are ivory have recently been fetching between £2,500 to £10,000. Recently an Inuit group from Canada, have just killed 500 Narwhal's, thats 500 ivory tusks. We have no sympathy for many of the Inuit's, as greed seems to be taking over. We believe killing 500 Narwhal's recently in Canada by the Inuit's is a crime against nature.

See News Library 13/12/08 Canada, 500 Whales Slaughtered by Inuit.     


Glenn Inwood New Zealand Traitor To The Whales 

New Zealand is against whale killing, but Glenn Inwood from New Zealand, is the hired traitor, hired by the Japs to be against whales and conservationists.

Glenn Inwood is hired by the Japanese, as a dirty tricks public relations mouthpiece, against whales and conservationists.

Glenn Inwood is handsomely paid by the Japs, to make sure that conservationists are called Terrorists or Eco Terrorists and to make sure that the good image of conservationists, is tarnished.

Glenn Inwood traitor to the whales, represents cruel despicable whalers, who are involved in breaking International Conservation Law. Glenn Inwood then by representing the whalers, is defending the Yakusa, the rumoured, Japanese organised crime syndicate, called the Yakusa.

The union supplies the crew for the illegal commercial whale killing operation, Yakusa controls the union.

Glenn Inwood tried to stop the conservationists only conservation ship, the Steve Irwin, from entering Australian and New Zealand ports. The Steve Irwin is the only conservationists, conservation ship, helping to save our whales this year. Greenpeace did not send out their ship the Esperanza to help the whales.

Glenn Inwood, Japan and the whalers were humiliated, as they failed to stop the Steve Irwin entering these ports. Japanese whalers and their whale killing vessel Yushin Maru 2, were also thrown out of Indonesia and the Indonesian port authorities refused to repair the Jap vessel.

Glenn Inwood is a public relations person, who defends the cruel Japanese whalers, which are targeting endangered Fin and threatened Minke Whales, in a very established International Whale Sanctuary.

The Japs are also breaking the laws, of the Global Moratorium on Commercial Whaling and completely ignoring the Australian Federal Court Ruling, prohibiting all whaling operations in Australian waters.

Glenn Inwood is the defender of the Japanese whale killers who are continually breaking the rules of the Antarctic Treaty and the Trade In Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna.

Glenn Inwood is the New Zealand based spokesman for the Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research (an organisation that says it is doing scientific research, but it is a disguise, for a more serious operation of, illegal commercial whaling).

Glenn Inwood is the supporter of whale killers and he is the New Zealand based whale traitor paid by the Japanese. He is the arch enemy of the whale and conservationists.

See main menu, "Antarctic Treaty".

The Australians, are guilty on not enforcing its Federal Court Ruling, which prohibits whale killing operations in its Australian waters.


Indonesia Get Out Yushin Maru 2 No Repairs 

The Japanese disgraced whale killer vessel the Yushin Maru 2, has been ordered to leave the Port of Surabaya, East Jave, Indonesia. The Japanese illegal whale killing vessel Yushin Maru 2, was part of the Japanese Whale Killing Fleet, illegally killing whales for commercial distribution in Japan, under the deceiptful disguise of Scientific Research.

The Yushin Maru 2 was ordered out of the Port of Surabaya without a single repair being carried out to the vessel. The Yushin Maru 2, limped into the port after ice had damaged its prop. The disgraced Yushin Maru 2 and Japan have been totally humiliated.

The Indonesian Foresty Authorities, the CITES authorities and local Government officials in East Java, demanded that the Yushin Maru 2 get out of the Port and out of Indonesian waters, immediately.

These are some of the organisations and people who helped to get rid of the Yushin Maru 2 from the Port and Indonesian waters, Jakarta Animal Aid, the Green Party Australia, Senator Bob Brown, Peter Tagliaferri, The Mayor of Fremantle, West Australia, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the Indonesian Forestry department and GreenEcoPeace.

Conservation minded people and groups can be a powerful force, when they join together.

The whale killer vessel Yushin Maru 2, will now not immediately, be able to carry out its illegal activities.

Thank you to all conservation minded people, governments and conservation groups, your power of persuasion keeping the Yushin Maru 2 away from our whales, will save many whales lives. 


Indonesia Delaying Repair Of Japanese Whaler 

The Japanese whaling fleet is now operating on the far Eastern side, half way between Chile and New Zealand.

The Japanese whale killer ship the Yoshin Maru 2 has had to go to Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, with prop damage. The vessel was met with major protests from the Jakarta Animal Aid Organisation, who also have been pressuring the Indonesian authorities, to block the repairs of the illegal activities whale killer ship, the Japanese Yoshin Maru 2.

The longer the vessel is kept in dry dock, the longer it is kept away from killing our whales and more of the poor whales will be saved.

Meetings have been going on, between Jakarta Animal Aid and the Port Authorities and we can report, that no work has commenced on the Yoshin Maru 2


George Bush's Goodbye Present To Conservation

George Bush will be creating three national monuments in the Pacific, which will protect the largest amount of ocean in the world.

A total of 505,775 square kilometres, (195,280 square miles), these area's are some of the most ecologically - rich in the whole world and they will be protected.

The decision was made, under the Antiquities Act, which gave President Bush, the right to single - handily create protection area's and President Bush has only used this once before.

This decision will save endangered Whales, Sharks, other species and corals.

In 2006, President Bush gave his protection for the large area of the Hawaiian Islands.

These latest protection reserves that President Bush will create, are the Line Islands, an isolated and uninhabited archipelago in the central Pacific.

President Bush will also create another reserve in the Western Pacific, encompassing some of the Northern Marianas Islands and the Mariana Trench, the deepest submerged canyon in the world.

The regions are rich in marine life, including whales, sharks, birds and many other top predators.

These area's are unique in corals and amazing deep sea ecosystems.

Almost 60% of the whole area protected, will be subject to restrictions on fishing and other activities.

90% of our largest fish and mammals sadly, have been dragged out of our oceans and our marine ecosystems are in the state of collapse.

Thank you President Bush and really enjoy your retirement.


Japanese Whale Killer Ship Man Overboard 

A member of the Japanese whale killing crew Hajime Shiraskai aged 30, of the Kydshin Maru No 2, has been reported missing, believed to have fallen overboard and lost at sea, in the position of 62 degrees 17 minutes south and 144 degrees 50 minutes west, this is 1800 miles southeast of Dunedin New Zealand and 2600 miles southeast of Hobart Australia.

The Steve Irwin conservation ship was in the area at the time and offered help, but the Japanese whale capture killer vessel, the Yoshin Maru No 3, declined the offer of help from Paul Watston captain of the Steve Irwin. The Japanese said that he would not accept help from an eco terrorist organisation.

Despite the refusal of help from the Japanese, the Steve Irwin deployed two fast boats and a helicopter to search for the Japanese person from the whale killer ship, even though, the Japanese mercilessly slaughter whales, Paul Watson felt it prority, to try and find the missing Japanese man.

Conservationists do their work, because they care and have a good heart.


When the humankind hurts mother nature too much and her creatures, nature may take revenge.

In March 2007, the Japanese slaughter house ship the Nisshin Maru, caught fire and nearly sank in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales. Also a Japanese person on board the slaughter house ship died and another was seriously injured.

In July 2007, on the Nisshin Maru whale killing ship another crew member died, he was crushed by a whale meat conveyor.

In January 2009, a member of crew on board the Kyoshin Maru 2, was reported missing overboard. He either fell, was pushed or committed suicide, the Japanese said he committed suicide. How would they know? We believe the suicide report was propaganda.

We feel very sorry for his family, who may have tried to persuade him from being involved in whale killing. Most people in Japan don't want whale killing. It's a shame that the Japanese government, sponsor whale killing, to the tune of millions and refuse to give it up, even though they don't need to do it and the public is against them.

To the Japanese Government

How many more people are you going to let die, before you give in to your stubbornness. Only you the government want to kill our endangered whales at tax payers expense. Most people in Japan hate the killing of whales and detest your whale killing machines, that go into the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales.


UK & Scotland Killing Seals Shocking Truth 

New protection methods need to be put in place to protect seals in the UK and Scotland.

Many seals are being found blungeoned to death or shot.

Fishermen, Fish Farmers and Fisheries, we believe, are those responsible for killing our seals. The culture of killing our seals must be stopped. The British and Scottish governments must take action to protect our seals from all deliberate killings.

Seals are no threat to fisheries or fish farmers.

Fisheries and Fish Farmers, can protect their stock, by using non-lethal methods.

The act that is in place now, does little more than provide fish farmers and other fisheries interests, with a license to shoot seals.

Recent research by the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) at St Andrews University, has revealed what is described as a "frightening decline" in the population of wild, common (harbour) seals, off the Scottish and English coast. 

The population has halved in some area's of Scottish waters, in just the last 6 years.

Kerry McCarthy MP says, "I'm sure many people will be shocked as I was, to learn, that seals are being shot in the UK and Scotland and will take the view, that better protection for seals is needed. I would like to see measures, included in the Marine and Coastal Access Bill and the equivalent Scottish legislation, to strengthen the existing law and ensure, that our seal populations are protected".

Seals should have the same protection, as whales and dolphins.

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