February 2009


Baby Seals Born To Die In Their Own Blood 

On the East Coast of Canada ,in just a few weeks, there will be one of the most wonderful wildlife events ever.

Female Harp seals by there thousands, will all get together to have their babies.

The mother seals will be giving birth to their babies from approximately the end of February to mid March. 

This transforms the amazing white ice flows, into a platform for the birth and nursery of those beautiful white fluffy baby seals, suckling to their mum. 

But approximately, 12 days after the mum seal has given birth to her baby, she leaves her now, very young baby seal, on the ice, fully fed and with a full tummy.

The young baby seal has now to survive on the ice protected only by a thick layer of blubber that has been built up by the baby during being nursed by the mum seal.

But sadly, this white beautiful fluffy sight, will soon be streaking with red blood, the innocent red blood of innocent baby seals, because as soon as the baby seals turn from a winter shade of pale and shreds its baby fluffy white coat and takes on its black spotted, silvery, glossy pelt, the Canadian government, takes on the role of Herod and orders the killing and the mass slaughter of almost 300,000 innocent baby seals and their screams can be heard for miles (km's).

The Herod Canadian government, further orders, that the baby seals are to be killed fast and with no mercy to meet the Herod style governments quota, of almost 300,000.

The Herod Canadian government, further orders that in the killing fields, the orders should be carried out as follows: - 

The baby seals are to be killed with wooden clubs, called Hakapiks (a club with a wicked very sharp spike at the end). This Hakapik has to be struck into the head of the baby seal.

The baby seals can be shot or clubbed, we don't care, just get them.

You must get the governments quota of approximately 300,000 baby seals.

We as the government, will turn a blind eye, to the veterinary reports, on the commercial baby seal killing that fails to meet humane standards.

GreenEcoPeace and some conservation groups and conservationists have been lobbying the European Union.

In July 2008, the European Union started to listen, but it has become apparent that at this stage, that making standards, may be virtually impossible to monitor.

In April this year 2009, the European Parliment will vote on the seal product trade ban. Now is the time to write to your MP and tell him you want seal killing completely banned.

Help us to help stop this bloody cruel innocent baby seal slaughter.

Most of the baby seals in the kill, are badly wounded, cut open and their fur (pelt) removed even whilst they are still alive. Their now, no fur (pelt) alive bodies, pouring out with blood are thrown onto the ice flows, to slowly die and rot.

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Whales For Trees Is Japan Threatening Australia?

The weak minded, lying, Rudd Labour government who campaigned to save our whales in the run up to their General Election 2007, lied to the Australian whale loving people, because as soon as they got into power, the Rudd government and environment minister Peter Garrett, were sucked into Japans grip. Rudd is allowing the Japanese to drag out of the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and sacrifice and butcher, almost 1000 of our endangered and threatened great whales, the prehistoric ocean wonder.

Twenty percent of Japans paper supply comes from the precious very old trees from Tasmania.

Japan don't care where they get their imports from, as long as they get them.

They will cruelly cut the throats of dolphins, bleeding them to death in front of school children, fire lethal explosives into whales, destroying the inside of their gentle precious bodies and the screams of pain can be heard miles (klm) away.

Japan is destroying and stripping our endangered and ancient forests and killing our treasured endangered great whales and in the past they have rounded up thousands of Chinese girls for the sickening use of their soldiers (using their bodies as sex slaves, comfort for their soldiers). Japan has tortured beyond belief in the last world war, Australian, UK and other nations soldiers. Japan is also stripping our oceans of fish worldwide, using huge vessels and factory ships to enable them to do so.

Countries like Somalia have suffered intensively because of this and against their wishes have now been driven to piracy for survival, because countries like Japan, have taken away their very livelihood of fishing and stripped their sea's bare of fish and then they are gone.

Japan believes it can ruthlessly take and mercilessly destroy.

Japan believes it can push all the sufferers and people who complain, including conservationists to one side and 100% ignore them.

Japan believes it can even buy poorer African and Pacific nations and give them money, in return, for their vote, (agreeing to slaughter whales) at the International Whaling Commission meetings.

Is this what the Australian Rudd government wants? To be sucked into the vicious system of the evil controlling Japanese government. The Australian people we believe certainly don't want this. 

It is sickening to see the Australian government supporting the destruction of the Tasmanian old forests, mainly for the Japanese and not doing anything to stop the killing of our endangered great whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and now allowing sharks to be fished up, defined and then thrown back into the sea alive, to slowly die an horrific and agonising death, just for the sake of unnecessary shark fin soup.

Japan needs Australia more than Australia needs Japan.

Listen to your people Mr Rudd, push away the threats of the aggressive tactics of the Japanese government. Stand up to the Japanese, giving in to the Japanese Mr Rudd is cowardly and letting down our critically endangered world of Flora and Fauna.

It's now up to you Mr Rudd of the Australian government Labour party. Keep cuddling up to the Japanese and we don't think you will be in power the next time round. We say this after speaking to thousands of disillusioned Australians.

People remember Mr Rudd.

GreenEcoPeace is watching your every move Mr Rudd, who is the head of the Labour party in Australia and we are also watching you Mr Peter Garrett the Environment Minister for the Labour party in Australia.

Special Note

Peter Garrett was once a director of Greenpeace and in support of the conservationists. Now he won't even listen or correspond with conservationists, but he will suck up to the Japanese, the destroyer of our whales.  


Screaming Whale Hunted Shot By Japanese 

Sunday Express National News Paper 22nd February 2009.

A whale was blasted to death with a shotgun after being caught by a Japanese ship, it was claimed.

Activists said, they saw the whale first being hit by an explosive harpoon and then pulled along side a vessel and shot 7 times.

It thrashed in agony for 20 minutes and could be heard "screaming", said the crew of the anti-whale protest ship.

The killing allegedly happened in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, where the protest ship had been trying to disrupt the Japanese hunting operations.

The incident was caught on video.

Did you hear about this, Australia protector of whales, Labour, Mr Rudd and Environment Minister Mr Peter Garrett.

GreenEcoPeace continually fight the Japanese, a major destroyer of our whales.


Indonesia More Coal Fired Plants Polluting Our World

Indonesian's Minister of Energy, has announced that 35 more coal fired plants are to be built in the next two years. In one area of Indonesia Cilacap, a coal fired plant there, has ruined the fishing industry and crops have been devastated. The people of Cilacap have had to pay a heavy price since the coal fired plant was built in their town. A lot of the coal coming to Cilacap is being transported from Central Java's South Coast.

The private Indonesian energy utility company P T Segara Sumber Prima, is due to double the Cilacap plant output to 1200mw from 600mw. The continued expansion of these coal fired plants seriously adds to Climate Change, Carbon Dioxide, CO2 dangers, Respiratory Disease, Smog, Pollution and Acid Rain.

The Indonesian government, should heavily invest in research in their universities, to come up with the answer of carbon capture. The Indonesian government should invest and develop wind and solar energy. This potential could be enormous in Indonesia and it's clean energy.


Iceland's Bloody Future

Iceland is in a financial mess at home and is now messing with nature. The blood of whales will be turning the sea red, the executing of 150 endangered Fin whales and 100 threatened Minke whales has been ordered to be carried out by the Icelandic government.

Iceland's whale slaughterers are laughing, sharpening their fencing knives and preparing their ships. The blood of the prehistoric whales will be pouring out of the sides of their ships and illegally polluting our seas.

This order of whale execution is a retaliation by the out going government and fisheries minister Einar Gudfinnsson or may be, Mr Gud-Finn-sson didn't like the word Fin in his name, so decided to take his revenge for this out of the poor Fin whale and ordered the execution of 150 innocent Fin whales.

Whales are killed by exploding rocket line grenades into their gentle bodies and the whale meat will be sold illegally to the aggressive marine killing nation, Japan.

Iceland cannot pretend to encourage and preserve whales by encouraging whale watching as a front and from the back door, slice into pieces, the same breath taking whale that people have come 1000 miles to see because they love the whale and don't want it killed. They paid their whale watching money to see the whales and to encourage tourism and to put an end to whale killing.

Boycott until Iceland stops whaling, these companies, that Iceland Banks, backed Baugur group, have an interest in.

Iceland slaughters whales, so please, we appeal to you not to purchase anything from the following businesses, then you will slaughter their businesses, that's where it will hurt. Thank you.

FASHION - French Connection, Mosaic Fashions, Coast, Karen Millen, Oasis, Odille, Principles, Shoe Studio Group, Nine West, Bertie, Warehouse, Whistles, Jane Norman, All Saints, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Matthew Williamson, Steinunn, SD & R Arctic Group.

DEPARTMENT STORES - Debenhams, House of Fraser, Illum, Magasin du Nord, Souk, Saks.

FOOD - Iceland

SPECIALITY - Hamleys, Aurum, Goldsmiths, Mappin & Webb, Watches of Switzerland, Wyevale garden Centres.

By supporting these companies, you are supporting Iceland's policy of slaughtering whales.


Emperor Penguins Heading Towards Extinction 

The Emperor penguin's are heading towards extinction because the Antarctic sea ice on which it depends on for survival, is shrinking at a faster rate than the bird is able to work out, or devise a theory plan to avoid disaster, this is what a recent study has found.

By the end of the century there could be just 400 breeding pairs of Emperor penguins left standing, a dramatic decline from the population of about 6,000 breeding pairs that existed in the 1960s, scientists estimated.

The latest assessment of the future size of the Emperor penguin population is based on the projected increase in global temperatures and subsequent loss of sea ice due to the changes in the Antarctic climate that are expected in the 21st Century, the study found.

Scientists based their pessimistic outlook on the long term changes to the number of Emperor penguins in a colony living in a part of the Antarctic Peninsula called Terre Adelie, which has been surveyed regularly since 1962 and has experienced regional warming over the past 50 years.

The study by Stephanie Jenouvrier and Hal Caswell of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts concluded that there is at least a 36 per cent -- by the year 2100.

"To avoid extinction, Emperor penguins will have to adapt, migrate or change the timing of their growth stages," scientists report in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

"However, given the future projected increases in greenhouse gases and its effect on Antarctic climate, evolution or migration seems unlikely for such long-lived species at the remote southern end of the Earth," they say.

Emperor penguins are probably unique among birds in that they hardly ever set foot on land. They breed, raise their young and feed from floating platforms of sea ice that forms each Antarctic winter.

Fluctuations in sea ice during the 1970s and the effect that it has on the penguin population, were used as an example of what could happen on a larger scale during the next 100 years or so of climate change.

"The key to the analysis was deciding to focus not on average climate conditions, but on fluctuations that occasionally reduce the amount of available sea ice," said Dr Caswell, and expert in mathematical ecology.

"This analysis focuses on a single population, that at Terre Adelie, because of the excellent data available for it. But patterns of climate change and sea ice in the Antarctic area an area of intense research interest now. It remains to be seen how these changes will affect the entire species throughout Antarctica," Dr Caswell said.

Dr Jenouvrier said that if future climate change happens as predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the penguin population on Terre Adelie will probably decline dramatically in the coming decades.

"Unlike some other Antarctic bird species that have altered their life cycles, penguins don't catch on so quickly," Dr Jenouvrier said.

"They are long-lived organisms, so they adapt slowly. This is a problem because the climate is changing very fast," she said. 

Emperor penguins are renown for the way the males are left to incubate the eggs on the sea ice through the long Antarctic winter while the females return to the sea to feed.

In August, at the end of the Antarctic winter, the females return to feed the newly-hatched young as the males go to fatten up -- they lose 40 per cent of their body weight during the winter months.

In the next few weeks, both parents take it in turns to feed until the chick is old enough to join other chicks that huddle together in groups to keep warm. In December, with the winter sea ice breaking up, the entire family march together to the open sea to feed.

This is just another endangered species suffering from global warming and carbon dioxide Co2 emissions.

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