December 2011


Drones Used By Conservation To Track The Japanese Whale Killing Ships

The Sea Shepherds, the sea conservationists, have now been given two wonderful tools, eyes that can see from huge distances. These wonderful eyes are called Drones and one of these drones, have picked up from the sky's, the evil Japanese whale butcher ship, the Nisshin Maru heading for the whale sanctuary. This year, the Japanese have sent out to the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary seven ships, these ships are going to kill and slice up our innocent family loving whales. Conservationists all voluntary are going to try and stop the Japanese from doing this, guided by probably the worlds most experienced Antarctic whale protector, Captain Paul Watson, whom I'm pleased to say is a friend of mine and always finds time to talk to everyone.

Japanese Security Guards on the Shonan Maru no 2 making it's way to the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. 

Japan is going ahead with the whale killing expedition, despite the disastrous falling demand for whale meat, which is also heavily contaminated with mercury and is a severe health risk.


The Australian - Japanese Whaling Season Slammed

The United States, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands say they are "disappointed" over the start of Japan's annual whale hunt off Antarctica and warned against violent clashes. 

Japanese ships operating in the icy waters of the Southern Ocean have in recent years faced interference from the US-based militant environmentalist group Sea Shepherd, with repeated confrontations on the open seas. 

The United States and its partners said while they supported the right to peaceful protest, any violence between whalers and demonstrators was unacceptable.

"The Governments of Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United States jointly condemn any actions that imperil human life in the Southern Ocean, "they said in a joint statement released by the US State Department.

"We are deeply concerned that confrontations in the Southern Ocean will eventually lead to injury or loss of life among protesters, many of whom are nationals of our countries, and whaling crews," they said.

"We remain resolute in our opposition to commercial whaling, including so-called 'scientific' whaling, in particular in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary...and are disappointed about the recent departure of the Japanese whaling fleet for the Southern Ocean."

Commercial whaling is banned under an international treaty but Japan has since 1987 used a loophole to carry out "lethal research" on the creature in the name of science.

Japan has claimed it is necessary to substantiate its view that there is a robust whale population in the world. It makes no secret of the fact that whale meat from this research ends up on dinner tables and in restaurants.

Anti-whaling nations and environmentalist groups routinely condemn the activity as a cover for commercial whaling.

Japanese ships cut short their 2010-2011 hunt in February, blaming interference from protesters.

The four nations hit out at Japan's claim it is carrying out research, saying they "wish to emphasize that lethal techniques are not required in modern whale conservation and management."

"We will continue to engage on this matter," the four nations pledged, reaffirming their commitment to the "global moratorium on commercial whaling."

The Japanese fleet aims to catch around 900 minke and fin whales this season, according to a plan submitted by the government to the International Whaling Commission.


Email to Mr Jim Paice MP

Dear Mr Paice, 

I wrote to you on 24th October 2010. I want to know what measures have been taken to label food in shops and supermarkets showing that meat has been slaughtered in the no-stunning Halal and Jewish way, ie. On labels, This animal (or bird) has been slaughtered by having it's throat cut and without being stunned.

Would you please be so kind, as to forward me a copy of the Regulations, 1099,2009.

You advised me over 12 months ago, that these regulations would come into force in about 12 months time. I understand 1st January 2013 is the date, that they will come into effect.

Now back to ethics again.

Muslims and Jews slaughter by the knife without stunning. This type of slaughter is barbaric and has no place in the 21st Century and you know this Mr Paice.

We don't hurt animals and cause them unnecessary pain in this country. We cannot allow people to continue their cruel ways, religion or no religion.

The average UK public is hoffied that this is going on and others don't know that it is going on and when you tell them about the religious slaughter and the meat that they may be eating, they are horrified. Mr Paice you cannot make any exemptions when cruelty is involved. The Muslims want Sharia law, but we don't give in to them, it's UK law only.

I strongly recommend, that you follow the paragraph in your letter to me which goes as follows:-

"the laws governing animal welfare at slaughter in both EU and UK require animals to be stunned before slaughter".

I also like what you say in the following paragraph of your letter, "we would prefer to see all animals stunned before slaughter". Now Mr Paice make a law enforcing this.

You cannot make an exception, when it comes to cruelty, for barbaric rituals, which go back years and years, in fact, over a thousand years.

You are a dog lover Jim, cut your dogs throat and watch him die, could you do it? I'll leave you to answer that question.

When people come into this country, or practice religions, they should comply with our UK no cruelty to animals laws.

Just before I close, I am given to understand that individual member states can impose stricter rules, or prohibit religious slaughter, from 1st January 2013, regulation 1002/2009, from this date is your chance to stop this barbaric cruelty.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I await your reply

Kind regards,



Green Leader Bob Brown Defends Whales

Bob Brown, the Australian Green's leader says, "Japanese whaling action in the USA Federal Court could back fire and help to bring an end to whaling in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary." 

Japanese whalers are seeking an injunction against the Sea Shepherds and Paul Watson in the US Federal Court in Seattle.

The Greens in Australia are taking this court case seriously.

Senator Bob Brown say's, "the US legal action could compliment legal action brought by Australia against Japan in the International court of Justice", Bob Brown goes on to say, "that the Australian Government should take this opportunity to intervene", "Japan has gone to an International court - effectively the US - and Australia should use this opportunity to bring forward a case, which may have otherwise taken years, to have Japan found guilty of its breach of international law, by killing whales in the first place".

Bob Brown also said, "here now is a great opportunity to have the whaling fleet stopped in its tracks, through this action (the US case) rebounding on Japan, when it goes to the court in Seattle".

A spokesman for the Japanese Institute for Cetacean Research, Gavin Carter say's, "The US court action is designed to improve safety".

GreenEcoPeace say's, "the only danger to safety in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is the ferocity of the Japanese whale killers, determined to kill at any cost, 1000 of our innocent whales.

They don't want the conservationists to stand in the way of them doing this, as the death of a whale means money to them, approximately $100,000 per whale.

200 million years of prehistoric whales, slaughtered for a mere $100,000 and never to be replaced. Such a valuable loss to our eco system and our children of the future. 


Japan Suing Conservationists In USA

From Tokyo. Japanese whaling authorities said on Friday 9th December 2011 that they are suing the conservation Sea Shepherds and its head in the United States, in a bid to stop the conservationists interfering with their whale killing hunt. GreenEcoPeace say's, at last the Japanese are admitting that they are hunting whales to kill. It is illegal to kill whales for commercial use and thats exactly what the Japanese do.

Friday 9th December 2011, Kyodo Senpaku Kaisha and the Institute of Cetacean Research, along with research vessels, masters, filed a lawsuit against the Sea Shepherds and their head, Captain Paul Watson. GreenEcoPeace say's the Cetacean Research is Fake Research, whale meat coming back in kilo packs is not research.

Kyodo Senpaku owns ships, while the Cetacean Institute operates the whaling programme under the authority of the Japanese Government.

Paul Watson say's that the United States Government and courts have no authority over these conservation ships as they are not USA flagged.


Japan Shameful & Blackmail. Greenpeace

The Environment group Greenpeace say's that 18 non-governmental organizations have signed an open letter protesting Japans move to use nearly $30 million in Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Funding to boost security measures for its Antarctic Whale Harvest.

As news of the letter spread on Wednesday 7th December 2011, an official of Japans Fisheries said, "the funding for extra whaling fleet security is aimed at ensuring safer hunts", he told the French news agency "the expenditure will also help coastal towns dependant on the whale harvest to recover from the March 2011 twin disasters.

GreenEcoPeace say's, we thought that the whale killings, according to the Japanese was for research and not as a harvest.

Greenpeace accused the Government of Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda of syphoning money from the disaster victims at a time such funding is needed the most.

Greenpeace called the whaling programme "Shameful" and a "Blackmail" on Japans international reputation.

The Japanese coast guard said earlier, that it would deploy an unspecified number of guards and a patrol vessel to protect this years whaling.

Good News The conservation ships will now be leaving in a few days time, as helicopter pilot Chris Aultman, has now received his visa. The Green Party Australia, GreenEcoPeace, the public and conservationists successfully lobbied the Australian Government, to get them to change their minds, in favour of giving Mr Chis Aultman his visa. The three Sea Shepherds, conservation ships, will be shortly heading towards the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, to defend our precious prehistoric sentient whales.



Japanese Whale Killing Ships Leave

Japanese whale killing ships leave Shimonoseki Japan for the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to kill at least 1000 of our wonderful sentient whales, for their commercial market which is illegal.

The Japanese coast guard has deployed an unspecified number of guards along with a patrol ship to heavily protect the Japanese whale killing ships from the conservationists. The Japanese Government has given 30 million Australian Dollars for this protection.

In the past the Japanese whalers have rammed, used water cannon, shot at and have used concussion grenades and bamboo spears against the conservationists.

Japan Uses Earthquake Money for Whaling 

The Japanese Government has confirmed that it is using some of the public funds earmarked for reconstruction after the massive March earthquake and tsunami to boost the security for the whale killing slaughter, GreenEcoPeace say's, these funds were for the suffering people and not to fund a disgusting whale hunt.

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