December 2008


Polar Bears In Serious Trouble  

Warmer temperatures and earlier melting of sea ice, are causing Polar Bears to go hungry.

Seth Cherry of the University of Alberta, Canada and colleagues, monitored the health of Polar Bears in the ice covered Beaufort Sea region, of the Arctic, during April & May in 1985, 1986, 2005 and 2006, proved that there was an increase in Polar Bear fasting by up to 29.3%.

Spring is usually a time of feasting for Polar Bears, filling up before summer when the ice retreats. Andrew DeRocher says, "It is clear that the changes in the sea ice are effecting the hunting opportunities available to the bears".

If the Ice continues to contract, which now seems inevitable, Polar Bears will become seriously nutritionally disadvantaged.

Rick Steiner a marine conservationist at the University of Alaska in Anchorage, says "Polar Bears are in serious trouble". 


Japanese Whalers Flee Out Of Australian Waters 

The Steve Irwin, captained by Paul Watson, pressurised the Japanese Whaling Fleet into manoeuvring out of the Australian Economic Exclusion Zone.

The Japanese have fled eastwards and into the waters of the Ross dependancy.

The Steve Irwin is in close persuit of the twofaced Japanese whaling fleet. (Scientific Commercial Whaling Fleet).

The Japanese whaling fleet are now in the waters of New Zealand and are targeting endangered and protected whales in these established International Whale Sanctuary Waters.

The Japanese whalers are ruthless and the Japanese government have full knowledge of what is going on.

The Japanese whalers are breaking the International Conservation Laws.

The Steve Irwin, is the only conservation vessel, representing all conservationists who resent the selfish killing of whales, by the cruel, by nature, Japanese.

Boycott Japanese cars and all goods, then the Japanese might listen to our plea's, of "Don't kill our whales". 


Japanese Whalers Strike Conservation Ship

Our only conservation ship the Steve Irwin representing all those who don't want our whales to be killed, was struck by the Japanese Whale Killer ship the Kaiko Maru in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

The strike was at the rear of the Steve Irwin, portside, close to it's helicopter. The crew of the Steve Irwin conservation ship captained by Paul Watson, retaliated by throwing bottles of rotten butter, methyl cellulose (harmless) and a dye mixture.

The Jap whale killer ship was in illegal waters, they were in the Australia's Economic Exclusion Zone and there is a court order prohibiting whale killing ships from entering these waters.

The Japanese ship, the Kaiko Maru was ordered to leave the Australian territorial waters by Australians on board the Steve Irwin. 

Paul Watson is continuingly pursuing the Japanese fleet. The Steve Irwin, Paul Watson, crew and Sea Shepherd Conservation, is our only hope, to come between the Jap Whale Killers and the whales.  


Japanese Whalers Found Illegally Hunting Whales 

Japanese whalers have been found by the conservation vessel the Steve Irwin.

The conservation vessel has a crew of 48 from many nations, including Britian.

A Jap catcher whale killer vessel the Yushin Maru 2, was caught unaware by the skills of the Steve Irwin's captain Paul Watson. Captain Watson suprised the Yushin Maru 2, in heavy ice and dense fog. The Japanese were hunting illegally in the Australian Economic Exclusion Zone. 

There is an Australian court order prohibiting Japan or any other nation from hunting whales in these waters.

As soon as the Japanese Yushin Maru 2 saw the conservation ship the Steve Irwin appearing out of the fog there were clashes and the Yushin Maru 2 fled North.    


Japan Needs Lesson From Australia & New Zealand 

Not so long ago Australia and New Zealand ruthlessly slaughtered whales and seals and boiled Penguins alive, just for half a litre of Penguin oil. All this happened on and around a beautiful island called the Macquarie Island. The Macquarie Island is situated approximately half way between Australia and the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Japan should learn from the Australians and the New Zealanders, that change can happen and there is no need to slaughter such innocent creatures anymore.

Japan stop your barbaric savagery of illegal whale killing under the deceit of scientific research. Nobody in the universe barbarically slaughters over 1000 whales for research. We and the whole world know the real reason for the slaughtering of the whales with bomb attached harpoons, is to sell the dismembered whales all over Japan. We even know about you (Japan) purchasing whale meat from Norway. Even the International Whaling Committee (IWC) know what you are up to.

Change Japan, show the world that Japan can change, then you just might sell more cars and electrical goods around the world and with the financial crisis as it is now, don't you think that putting your economy right first, is more important than the millions of yen it costs you sending out unnecessarily your whaling fleet.

Blood on your hands Japan, or respect from the world and an increase in sales, which do you want Mr Aso the Prime Minister of Japan. 


Canada 500 Whales Slaughtered By Inuit 

It has come to a sad state of affairs, when Inuit culture laugh and joke, when 500 Narwhals are choking in their own blood and are being tortured to death. Aborigines kill, in the Faeroe Islands, Alaska, Siberia and off the coast of Washington, it's just the same, they just laugh and have fun, while the whales are screaming and dying. 

It has been found out, that the Inuit is not just hunting for food anymore, they are trading their killed animals for televisions, riffles, snow mobiles and appliances.

The Inuit often kill sadistically and cruelly and the kill, is nothing but a bloody massacre.

You can't kill a 2 ton plus whale in the sea, without causing it terrible and horrific pain. We believe the five hundred innocent Narwhals, were killed just for their long "unicorn" tooth (the long tooth grows approximately from 1.2m up to 3m), so the Canadian Inuit, could earn lots of money, from killing the whale and cutting out the "unicorns" long tooth from its face.

There is no difference to killing 500 Narwhals for their tusks, to killing 500 Elephants or Rhino's for their tusks, it's shocking! 

The Inuit want to have all the materialistic benefits of the industrial world and they still want to pretend that they are Inuit, so they can get away with killing wildlife and what they think, unnoticed. We do not respect the Inuit who kill wild animals and have all the up to date things of modern life.

Lots of the Inuit (Indigenous people), these day's, kill the whales with riffles and the whales desperately try to get away as they see their families inhumanly slaughtered around them. This is a crime of nature by Inuit, not so Inuit people anymore, of the modern world today.


Japanese Whalers Getting Closer To The Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary For Whales 

The Nisshin Maru with a escort of killer whale boats and an alleged gun boat is getting every closer to the innocent whales in their sanctuary.

The Australian government is not sending it's patrol ice breaker The Ocean Viking this year to help keep the peace or to monitor confrontations during this coming whale season. The season will last until April 2009. Tokyo has sent coast guard type vessels in the past and there are rumors of a Japanese gun boat being deployed as an escort to the Nisshin Maru this year.

The Australian Environment Minister Peter Garrett, the former lead singer of the rock band Midnight Oil, recently named Sandy Holloway to be the country's first special envoy for whaling. Holloway, the former head of the Sydney Olympics organizing committee, is expected to press the Japanese to abandon whale hunts in the Southern Ocean.

In the past there has been 21 years of diplomacy and it has done absolutely zero. Japan seems to be a law unto itself.

The International Whaling Commission (IWC), with 82 nations as members has banned commercial whaling since 1986. Some native and aboriginal groups are still permitted to hunt whales. Norway and Iceland have since objected to the moratorium and continue to hunt and slaughter whales.

International law, allows whaling for scientific purposes only, not for the kill and not for commercial purposes, but Japan uses this codicil to license its deep water whale killer ships.

The Japanese have seized on the Scientific Research loophole and stretched it beyond all recognition.

We say Japan out of the whale sanctuary Now!


Worrying News Arctic Ice Shelf No Split In Three 

A team of scientists and Canadian Rangers witnessed dramatic deep new cracks, 18 kilometres long and 40 meters wide, on the southern edge of Ward Hunt Ice Sheff while patrolling Ellesmere Island by snowmobile.

They found the ice shelf, which researchers first learned had split in two six years ago, has now broken into three. An ice shelf is a massive platform of floating sea ice connected to land.

The map of Canada is changing, Derek Mueller, a Trent University researcher, said yesterday at Eureka's weather station, which is fewer than 1,200 kilometres south of the North Pole on the western coast of Ellesmere Island. There are only five (ice shelves) left on Ellesmere, but almost 100 years ago the entire coastline was covered in ice shelves.

Mr Mueller, who participated in Operation Nunalivut 0 Inuktitut for "the land is ours" - said deteriorating ice conditions are worrying and consistent with other indicators of climate change that have been documented in the largely uninhabited, frozen region.

The military mission cast over $1 million and covered thousands of kilometres, it wrapped up in Eureka, which is surrounded by sweeping snow covered mountains. The military flew a large group including reporters, academics and one U.S. government representative, a consul-general based in Calgary, to witness the event.

Traffic of all types has increased in the Canadian Arctic as previously frozen waterways, including the fabled Northwest Passage - an invaluable maritime shortcut between Asia and Europe - have become open for longer periods and the rush for access and control of land and water in this resource-rich pocket of the world has ramped up among energy-hungry nations. Russia, Canada and Denmark are all currently conducting complex scientific research to file international claims that they are physically connected to the Lomonosov Ridge, an underwater mountain range that stretches to an area between northern Ellesmere Island and Greenland from Siberia. The area is potentially rich in massive oil and gas reserves.


Norway Another 1000 Whale Slaughtering Killing Nation Ignoring CITIES 

The largest whale meat and blubber storage facility in Norway is the Ellingsen Factory.

In 1933 Norway resumed commercial whaling as an attempt by the political party in power at the time, to gain popularity in northern Norway.

Norwegian scientist calculated a population estimate in order to justify its hunt. The scientific controversy surrounding Norway's population estimates for Minke whales continues today.

Norway's whale hunt still directly undermines the authority of the International Whaling Commission (IWC).

Norway did not start commercial whaling until 1930, so they can't say "it's traditional".

Some of Norway's whaling vessels have even to cross international waters and travel more than a thousand miles to reach their hunting grounds.

The Norwegian ships act as small factories, flensing whales on board and remaining at sea for weeks at a time. Norway's whaling fleet is not critical to the survival of Norway's coastal communities, which depend on Norway's fisheries.

Brochures which are published by the Norwegian government, claim that whale meat is sold in Norway, where it is a traditional part of the Norwegian diet. (But we believe that this is not true).

The truth is, there is a very small market for whale meat in Norway, the real truth is Norway's whalers export to Japan because the price is paid for the whale meat are several times higher than Norway will pay.


Japan And Norway Breaking The Rules 

Japan is killing whales under the deceit of scientific whaling and Norway is ignoring the Convention of the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), which prohibits international trade in whale meat.

The Convention of the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) currently lists all the great whales on its Appendix I, under which the international trade in whale products is prohibited.

Japan and Norway are both lobbying aggressively, to down list whales from Appendix I to Appendix II, thereby trying to reopen trade.

In early 2001, the Norwegian government announced that it would allow the export of whale meat and blubber to Japan, even though such trade is prohibited under CITES.

A spokes person for the whalers bragged the decision as 'the final victory for them'.

Conservationists have noted tons of frozen blubber, each block carefully wrapped and labelled in Japanese, stored in Norwegian industrial freezers, waiting for export.

A resumption of international trade in whale products would have serious implications. Pirate whalers would have even greater incentive to hunt whales, as it would become easier for them to smuggle illegal whale meat into Japan.

Even though there is a current trade ban in place, illegal whale meat from both abundant and endangered species of whales, is regularly discovered for sale in Japan.

Japan it appears, is the illegal bloody whale meat centre of the world.  

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