Sharks Kill Many People Really? 

Last year 4 people were killed by sharks, but over 4 million sharks were killed by people.

A disgrace.


GreenEcoPeace Has Helped Stop Humpback Whaling

GreenEcoPeace has worked very hard this year trying to stop the cruel slaughter of whales, in particular in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales.

We have put pressure on Japan, the Australian government and the UK government in particular, in these last 6 weeks. We have been working 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight and sometimes beyond. In these last weeks we have put huge, almost unbearable pressure, on the UK government "DEFRA", and all the hard work has now paid off.

We have been listened too and the UK government with all it's power, has used it's influence and we thank them for what they have done to save (at least for now) the Humpback whale.

Now we have to continue the pressure to save all the whales from the knives of the barbaric Japanese whale slaughters. 

We vouch to fight to the end and will never give up! 


Humpback Whale Found Dead 

A humpback whale has been found dead off the South Wales coast near Aberavon.

The whale, which is about 15ft (4.5m) long, was reported floating in the Port Talbot harbour area at 9.20 a.m.

A spokesman for Swansea coastguard said Port Talbot lifeboat and a coastguard team were sent to tow the whale back to shore.

Strandings Co-Ordinator for Wales, Rod Penrose, is on his way to the scene to examine the whale.

He said it was possible the dead whale was the same humpback whale which had been spotted in Swansea Bay last month.

However Mr Penrose said he was not certain it was the same one.

He said if the whale had recently died a pathologist from London Zoo was on standby to carry out a post mortem examination on the whale on Sunday. If it has been dead for some time, Mr Penrose said he would take some samples from the whale himself.

He said humpbacks were not common around Wales. "There has been sightings of one or two humpback whales in the Irish Sea but it's quite rare to see them in UK waters".

Mr Penrose said he understood a large number of people had gathered on the beach to see the whale. 


Australian Naval Vessel May Enter Antarctica

Two weeks before the new Australian Labour government came to power Mr Peter Garrett, said that if the Labour government came to power he would send a naval vessel to the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales. Mr Peter Garret also said, that he promised to take a much more aggressive position, against Japanese whaling activities.

Australia is upset that Japan is targeting endanger Humpback whales. It is also rumoured, that Japan is deliberately insulting Australia, by going out to slaughter 50 humpback whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for whales. 

We are waiting for the Australian Naval vessel to reach the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales. 


Climate Change Demonstration 

A major demonstration against carbon emissions and the catastrophe that could happen, took place in London and throughout the UK on Saturday 8th December 2007.

The major demonstration campaigners, made their way across London, calling in on the way on Mr Gordon Brown at 10 Downing Street and the US embassy, where they then held a rally.

The campaigners wanted to highlight the U.N convention on Climate Change, being held in Bali and Indonesia.

The letter presented to Mr Gordon Brown and his government, was to urgently ask them to work harder on the domestic front and introduce as soon as possible, a Climate Change bill to reduce UK emissions by at least 80%, by 2050 and annually from then on to constantly review it's targets.

May we wish campaigner Joanne Hills who helped to organise this demonstration good luck! 

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