August 2008


Japanese Government Prepares Special Anti-Conservation Ship Laws

The Jap Government is preparing to submit a bill to revise the Penial Code or they may pass a specific bill to establish the new laws. If successful the Japs will administer these new laws in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, even though the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary has nothing to do with Japan.

The Jap Government will be introducing new legislation to give Japanese coast guards the authority to board foreign flagged ships outside of Japan's territorial waters.

Interference with the ability of Japanese whale killers and interfering with Japanese whale killers who illegally kill whales commercially for profit, will be deemed an act of high sea piracy.

As Australia and New Zealand and some other Pro-Whale conservation nations tiptoe around Japan fearing to offend them, the Japanese Government is preparing to use armed force to stop interference of their illegal whaling operations by non-governmental conservationists.

This could mean that Japanese armed guards could board conservation ships with weapons in the waters of the Australian Antarctic territory and seize Australian and New Zealand citizens and citizens from other nations including the UK and take them back against their will, as prisoners to Japan. 

Conservation groups including GreenEcoPeace have written to Peter Garret, Environment Minister, but neither GreenEcoPeace nor some other conservation groups have had any reply. In fact most conservation groups have not had a reply from Peter Garret since he took up office.

Peter Garret promised he would help conservation and stop whale killing in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, what deceitful lies they tell to get into power.

Apparently at the IWC whale meeting in Chile Mr Garret seemed very friendly and chatty with the Japanese and Norwegian whale killers. Mr Garret seemed to go very quiet when asked what he is going to do about whale killing in the waters of the Australian Antarctic territory, in particular as the Australian Government took out a court order on the 15th January 2008 against the Japs whale killing in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.


The Cruel Japanese Have Just Stabbed To Death 212 Whales In The North Pacific 

The whale killing mad Jap whale killing fleet, have just returned from the North Pacific where they have just killed, stabbed and blown up 212 endangered innocent whales.

The whales were, 100 Sei Whales, 59 Pike Whales, 50 Bryde's Whales and 2 Sperm Whales. All these species are either endangered or threatened under the International List on Endangered Species.

Very soon there will be few whales left?


Norwegians Hunting Whales To Extinction 

Out of a quota of 1052 whales the Norwegians have killed 533 piked (minke) whales, which means that there are not many left in the sea to kill.

The chairman of the Norwegian Whalers Union Bjoem Hugo Bendiksen claimed that there were over 700,000 piked (minke) whales in the North Atlantic.

If so where are they? and why didn't the Norwegians get there quota of 1052?

In the past the Norwegians have blamed the weather for the poor mass killing of whales. Now the Norwegians are being forced to admit that really they have no idea how many whales are left.

Norway is in blatant violation of the Global Moratorium on Commercial Whaling imposed by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in 1986.

The Norwegians never reach the quota's they set, because their greed is dictating a take that the eco-system simply cannot deliver. The whales are in trouble and the Norwegian whalers are hunting whales, with unsustainable numbers.

The pike (minke) whale is considered as "threatened with extinction" according to CITIES the (Convention on International Trade In Endangered Species) of wild fauna and flora which bans its international trade. The Norwegians are allowing endangered whales to be slaughtered.


The Australians Deliberately Kills Baby Whale Called Collette 

Every humpback whale is so valuable to our world.

Unfortunately the bureaucrats could not be bothered helping the baby whale Collette, with food or even try to escort it into a small cove to feed it with krill and a special formula milk food developed by Wombaroo ( It appears that all the authorities wanted to do was to kill the baby whale Collette, then they hoped the problem would go away.

Jeff Hansen a conservationist pleaded with the authorities to allow him and others time to attempt to feed the female whale and also Dr Robert Zammit offered to help. (

Dr Zammit had worked with and reared dolphins and he was more than able to help and feed the young whale. Sea World in San Diego had already developed a formula, which would have fed the young whale and the formula could be ready in just one day.

Everybody's offer of help to save the young whale was rejected by the authorities. Conservationists  and others begged for a stay of execution for the innocent baby whale, but the plea went on deaf ears, the authorities would not listen. An injunction from the court against the execution of the whale was secured, but the authorities killed by lethal injection the whale before the injunction could be served.

It was so sad, a stay of execution had been served and delivered a few minutes after the authorities put to death the innocent baby whale. Could it be that the authorities knew about the court injunction and didn't want to bother having the responsibility of saving the baby whale and had the baby whale killed before the court injunction stay of execution, arrived.

The baby whale did not want to die, she was full of energy and thrashing about with her head and tail coming right out of the water. The authorities dragged her towards the shore noosed and strapped and she was tied to a boat. The baby whale had two sedative syringes thrusted into her, they then took the baby whale to a jetty and then thrust into the baby whale, a further six sedative syringes.

The baby whale tried so hard to get away. but as the poor whale weakened dying, it was dragged onto the beach, a tent was put around it so nobody could see the baby whale killed by poison, the so called euthanasia lethal injection.

A sad and terrible death!

These so called evil authorities the one's that get rid of problems the quickest way, pretend that they are the do gooders and the conservationists who really help to try and save, are called eco-terrorists.

Where's it all going wrong?


Japs Bribe More Poorer Nations To Vote For Whale Slaughter, Benin, Gabon, Tuvalu & Nauru

Over exploitation, slaughtering whales in whale sanctuaries, greedy whale industries, global warming, pollution, ozone depletion, noise such as weaponry and sonar, entanglement in fishing gear, ship strikes and industrial fishing, all of these serious problems are threatening the whales food supply and the very existence, of the whale. 

The extinction of some species of whales is a real possibility.

For example humpback whales before commercial whaling, there were approximately 1.5 million, now there is only approximately 20,000.

The Antarctic Minke Whale that seems to be the main target for whale killer nations, such as Japan, Norway, and other whale killer nations, their numbers are far lower than was first thought, after recent surveys by the (IWC) International Whaling Commission. Scientists do not know the reason for this.

The Blue whale is the sea's largest whale, and is only 1% of it's original abundance.

The West Pacific Grey Whale population is only approximately 100.

The impact of commercial whaling is and has been devastating.

Because of pesticide dumping into the sea and effects of PCB's on whales, no whale meat should ever be eaten at all. If eaten, toxics from the whale meat can be transferred to humans.

So why are the Japanese still enrolling and bribing poorer nations, full well knowing that whale meat can be toxic to people. The Japanese also know that whales could be heading for extinction.

Whales survived perfectly well before the commercial slaughtering of whales and for millions of years before that, so why are some species of whales heading for extinction now?

Despite all these threats to the whale, there are worrying increases in the number of nations in the International Whaling Commission (IWC) (mostly those nations bribed by the Japs), that are asking for immediate resumption of commercial whaling.


Rainforest Crime President Barroso Urged To Approve Strong EU Law NOW 

Illegal cutting down of trees and the clearing of endangered Rainforests in particular in the Amazon and the Democratic Republic of Congo is running writhe and has serious impacts on climate change.

At least six ships recently with forest crime timber, have been monitored entering the EU from these countries and these shipments are just a few of many.

As Europe is the worlds biggest wood importer, it should help to protect endangered Rainforests and stop illegal logging ships from entering Europe with Rainforest crime trees.

The devastating consequences of illegal deforestation is, wild life is being burnt to death by these illegal loggers and the fat cats who pay their wages.

The European Commission has delayed a vital Rainforest protecting vote, until September 2008.

If the EU don't make an Illegal European Import Timber Law, the EU could be accused of being an accomplice in Rainforest crime.


Rescuers Fail To Save 35ft Northern Bottlenose Whale In Langstone Harbour 

A seven ton female Northern Bottlenose whale swam into Langstone Harbour near Portsmouth, Hants. The gentle whale got stuck on the mudflats at low tide around 6 a.m. on Friday 1st August 2008. Many local people were saddened and anxious as they watched and were unable to do anything to help.

Firemen, vets and the British Divers Marine Life Rescue all tried to help. They constantly sprayed water over the stranded whale and inflated pontoons and re-floated her, but after four hours of the whale thrashing in shallow water she unfortunately beached again that same evening.

It appeared that after tests, the struggling female whale had kidney problems. Sadly the poor bottlenose female whale, after desperate attempts to save her, had to be painlessly put to sleep.

GreenEcoPeace sadly observed the stranding.

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