November 2008


From IWC No Commercial Whaling Japan In The Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary For Whales


IWC resolution 2007 - 1 - See upto date IWC - CITES on main menu.

Paragraph 7 (b) of the schedule, establishes a sanctuary for whales in the Southern Antarctic Ocean.

Recalling that the commission has repeatedly requested contracting parties to refrain from issuing special permits for research involving the killing of whales within the Southern Ocean Sanctuary, has expressed deep concern at continuing lethal research within the Southern Ocean Sanctuary and has also recommended that scientific research involving the killing of cetaceans should only be permitted where critically important research needs are addressed.

The IWC is:

                 CONVINCED that the aims of JARPA II do not address critically important research needs.

The IWC:

                FURTHER CALLS UPON the Government of Japan to suspend indefinately the lethal aspects of JARPA II   conducted within the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.


Further noting, that the government of Japan has authorised a new special permit programme in the Antarctic, JARPA II, in which the take of Minke whales has more than doubled and Fin whales added to the list of targeted species.

Concerns that the Fin whales in the Southern Hemisphere are currently classified as endangered and that Humpback whales in the JARPA II research area may include individuals from breeding populations over wintering in the waters of certain Pacific Islands.


Calls upon the government of Japan, to address the 31 recommendations listed in Appendix 40 annex 0, of the scientific committee report, relating to the December 2006 review of the JARPA I programme, to the satisfaction of the scientific committee.

The IWC established the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in 1994


The Japanese Whaling Fleet Leave Innoshima Japan For The Kill


Ignorant of all the plea's from around the world not to kill whales, the Japanese whaling fleet has ignored all plea's and has left Innoshima to kill approximately 935 Minke whales and approximately 50 endangered Fin whales.

The Japanese whaling fleet tried to sneak out of the port of Innoshima but they couldn't escape the eagle eyes of the whale loving conservationists.

The Japanese whalers hiding under the deceitful name of Scientific Research is heading for the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales, arriving approximately mid December 2008.

Japanese ships leave Japan for the Antarctic Southern Ocean, the sole purpose to Execute Whales.


The Japanese Oriental Bluebird The Illegal Refueling Whale Meat Carrying Ship Had Been Deflagged


The Japanese whaling fleet supply ship, the Japan Government backed, Oriental Bluebird has been deflagged and fined by the Panamarian Registry after being found guilty of: -

1a. Using the ship for carrying whale meat, when it only had a license for carrying oil, outside the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales.

1b. Violating the MARPOL Convension, which was put together to protect marine life and the sea's of Antarctica.

Refuelling in the Antarctica is serious and one of the convension rules that cannot be broken, because of possible oil spilage, which would cause a catastrophy, serious pollution problems and would be devastating to marine life. 

Japan signed to the MARPOL Treaty.

Japan now cannot legally use the Oriental Bluebird for their whaling programme, this ruling lasts 3 years.

Will they break the rules? "We think so"!

Japan and it's whalers are also breaking the rules of the Global Moratorium of Commercial Whaling. They are targeting and slaughtering endangered whales, for commercial purposes, under the deceitful pretence of Scientific Research in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales.

Why does the International Whaling Commission (IWC) give Japan a license to kill whales for Scientific Research, when they must know, that Japan is killing whales for the commercial market. 


The Nisshin Maru off loads thousands of tons of illegal whale meat onto the Oriental Bluebird each year, in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales. The Japanese Government may be contributing $8 million, to send out a Japanese gun boat, to protect their illegal whale killing fleet, which is a violation of the Antarctica Treaty.  


Yahoo Exposed! Yahoo Involved In Shark Dismembering


Yahoo is involved in the dispicable business of tearing off shark fins for shark fin soup and then dumping the sharks overboard, sometimes taking weeks for the shark to die at the bottom of the sea.

We have just found out that Yahoo owns 40% of this dispicable organisation. The company is called The Alibaba Corporation a Chinese owned company.

The largest shark finning company in the world and probably one of the most unethical corporations on planet earth.

More than 90% of the world sharks have been cruely killed for there fins and many species are now on the brink of extinction. We can now say that Yahoo has becom an International Eco Terrorist Organisation. Get away from Yahoo and change to Google. Now!

GreenEcoPeace Green Crusaders, has now changed from Yahoo to Google.

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