May 2008


Bio Fuels UK Governments Approach May Be Wrong


Fuel supplies in the UK are now obliged to supply 2.5% of their fuel sales for our Bio Fuels under the governments Renewable Transport Fuel Obliation (RTFO), rising to 5% by 2010. The mandatory targets have been established with no minimum greenhouse gas or environment and social sustainability standards in place, nor proper accounting of the impact of major changes in land use that these targets will bring.

The lack of such provisions is a disaster. Bio fuels are leading to increased competition for land, rising food prices and driving rainforest destruction in Indonesia, for example. Forests and Peatland are being drained, cleared and burnt to the ground, to grow palm oil driven by bio fuel demand, releasing colossal quantities of green house gases in the process. By the governments own admission, there will be no minimum sustainability standards in place until 2010 at the earliest.


Iceland Government Authorises Icelandic Whalers To Slaughter Whales


On 20th May 2008 the Icelandic Government authorised the killing of Minke whales.

Yesterday, Asda Einarsdottir, a spokes man for Icelands Ministry of Fisheries, reported that 40 Minke whales would be killed and taken from the sea.

Last year, Iceland announced the end of whaling operation. It was just a blatant lie.

Bouycott all things from Iceland, including tourism and whale watching. You can't support a nation who kills whales and then takes you out on a whale watching trip.

Go to Sweden for your holidays instead, it's great there!

Iceland is a nation that inflicts suffering and death on innocent human loving whales.

Hit the Icelanders were it hurts, don't spend any money that will benefit them.       


Big Brother Japan Monitor By Satalite Anti Whaling Ships In The Antarctic


Japan is to monitor by military satalite, the movements of all anti-whaling ships, in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales.

Japan goes out, every year, with its fleet of whale killing ships, to mercilessly slaughter around 1200 whales a year in the Southern Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary for Whales, under their deceitful pretence of Scientific whaling. 

It appears now, after research over 4 years, that the tax payer seems to do the funding for the whaling ships and the mafia (Yakusa) does the selling and collecting of the monies from the whale meat, to the Japanese market.

The poor whale, is in the middle and suffers from their blood thirsty deceitful greed.


Japan Whale Meat Scam A Major Conspiracy Of Corruption


A major conspiracy of corruption, at the heart of Japans government backed deceitful Scientific Whaling Program, has been brought to light.

Greenpeace has just held a media conference in Japan to expose the fact that workers on the Japanese factory ship, Nisshin Maru, were smuggling whale meat home and selling it on the side.

A box of whale meat weighting 23.5 kilos, was intercepted and on investigation, it was labeled and documented as carboard. The deceitful Japanese whale slaughters, working on the ship, had stolen more than a ton of the best cuts of the whale meat and right under the noses of the whaling company.

It was also found, that there were further scandles.

  1. Throughing tons of whale meat over board daily, because they did not have the processing capacity.
  2. Cancerous tumours, were found and cut out of the whales and the remaining meat processed for public sale.

This is scandalous. Where is Japans ethics!


Is The Japanese Whaling Industry Controlled By The Japanese Yakusa (Mafia)


It appears that the Japanese whaling industry has been controlled by the Yakusa (the Japanese Mafia) for years. This organisation Yakusa is the union that supplies the crews to the catcher ships and the Nisshin Maru whale slaughter ship.

There seems to be a lot of corruption going on at the heart of Japans government - backed, sham, Scientific Whaling Operation. It is said that the Japanese whaling industry is and has been a criminal operation run by criminals in a country where politicians are routinely bought.

It is also said that they are no different from the Canadian or Norwegian parliments, where whalers and sealers make demands like elected officials


Norwegians Just As Bad As Japs Norway Will Kill 1052 Whales In 2008


The Norwegians have just killed the first of 1052 minke whales that they intend to kill in 2008.

Their first kill was a baby minke whale, taken away from it's crying heart broken mum.

There is a serious worry that the minke whale is in decline and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature has just advised the world, that the population of minke whales is only half of what was previously thought.

The Norwegian government recently acknowledged, that one in five whales suffer a long and painful death, some taking hours and hours to die.

Boycott Norwegian products and fishmongers and supermarkets who sell Norwegian fish and don't take a holiday there.

Sweden is a great place to go for a holiday instead.

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