July 2009


Seal Product Ban


It was officially anounced today by the European Union that the markets in Europe for seal products will be completely banned from summer 200.

The ban is a real victory for GreenEcoPeace, the Green Crusaders and other conservation groups who have worked hard to stop the disgusting seal slaughter.

Canada of course heading the cruel league.


Namibia Seal Slaughter


Journalist's Kim Wickens from the United Kingdom and Bart Smithers from South Africa were phisically assulted by the Henties Bay Police.

They were assulted for filming the live slaughter of seals and they are being held at the Henties Bay police station.

The two journalists were filming the disgusting seal slaughter in the Cape Cross seal reserve, all their camera's and video's were confiscated.

Namibia doesn't seem to want to join our civilised society, they just want to club our defensless seals to death, can you imagine the terrible suffering.


John O'Groats Seal Pup Rescue


In the far north of Scotland on a busy beach in the Dornock Firth a baby seal was rescued.

The baby seal was driven to a rescue centre about 2 hours away. The baby seal weighed approximately 8 kilo's, approximately 20lbs.

After a check between 2000 & 2007 it had been found that there had been a serious decline in Harbour seals around the coasts of England & Scotland.

In fact there had been a decline by almost 60% from approximately 36000 to approximately 23000.

The Harbour seal is protected under the E.U. Habitats Directive so Scotland & UK have a resposibility to protect it. 

A lot of people mainly blame the decline on the Scottish Fisheries, were are the prosecutions?  

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