December 2009


Japs Attack Conservationists


The Japs attacked the conservationists ship the Steve Irwin with water cannon and LRAD's military equipment. The Japs water cannon damaging some of the filming equipment.

Shanon Maru tells lies to Australian Authorities

The Shanon Maru No 2 lied to the Australian Authorities by saying that they were not part of the Jap whaling fleet. They stopped for fuel and provisions. The Shanon Maru No 2's job is to prevent the Steve Irwin and conservationists from closing in on the main Japanese whaling fleet.

Second Vessel Andy Gil (Earth Race) Arrives to Help

The Andy Gil is a super boat with speeds up to 50mph and is painted with Radar reflective material. This vessel is a new addition for Paul Watson's conservationists group and will play a vital part in helping to stop the Japs getting there quota, (killing whales), of 1000 plus.

We wish our collegues all the luck in the world.


Japans Shonan Maru No 2 Shadows Conservationists


The French Government gave permission for conservationists Paul Watson and the Shepherd crew aboard the Steve Irwin to enter French waters as they were being shadowed by one of the Jap whaling ships the Shonan Maru, believed to have military style equipment aboard. The Japs followed into French waters without the permission of the French Government.



Pollution Destroying Our Seas


Oil Pollution, Pollutants entering the sea, domestic sewage, Industrial discharges, urban and industrial run off accidents, spillage, explosions, sea dumping, mining, agricultural pestidices, waste heat sources and radioactive discharges.

This is the sickening truth of some of the things happening to our oceans.

If we don't stop these things happening, these horror stories will eventually become irriversable and horrific.



Global Warming


Scientists are now saying that Global Warming and Climate Change are seriously increasing the temperature of our seas.

Sea levels will rise and there will be a change in ocean currents.

We are already experiencing the effects of this, marine mammals and fish are at risk due to the temperature rise, they will not be able to survive the changing conditions.


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