August 2010


Australia's Green Party's Bob Brown


Could help stop whaling as it is believed that the next government will be a coalition, Bob Brown said that he is determined to protect the whales in the Southern Ocean. All Japanese whale slaughter is in the sea's off the coast of territories claimed by Australia, New Zealand and France. These area's are Ross Dependency claimed by New Zealand in 1923, 150' west to 160' west.


Adelie land claimed by France in 1924, 142' 2' east to 136' 11' east and Australia's Antartic territory, claimed by Australia in 1933, 160' east to 136' 11' east to 142' 2' east to 44' 38' east. 

Australia's Pledge To Challenge Japan In The International Court In The Hague Holland


Many thanks to Paul Watson who's never ending tireless work to help stop whaling may now, at long last, be showing its rewards for all his hard compassinate work.

The Faeroe Islands have one of the highest standards of living in the world today, claiming to be Indiginous is a total fake. The cruelty involved in this slaughter is horrendous in this day and age.

Imagine having a major operation without any anesthetic, absolutely horrendous! unthinkable!, whales are mammels just like us, they are up to 7 times more intelligent and have feelings just like us but they are helpless when forced onto the shore and then dragged onto the beach, then knifed to death.



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