April 2009


European Decision On Seal Product Ban 

Next week the European Union Parliament will decide yes or no, to ban, or not to ban, the E.U. trade on seal products.

If the E.U. ban the trade in seal products, we believe, that millions of baby seals will be saved. 

The E.U's Czech president said, "nothing now should stand in the way of this ban being adopted", he went on to say, "parliament negotiators have already agreed to it informally".

Canada, Greenland and Namibia, slaughter around 900,000 baby seals a year.

Russia has banned the hunting of baby Harp seals last month and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called it a "Bloody Industry".

Lets hope now that the baby seals will no longer have to put up with nails driven through their heads from Hakapiks, then be stripped of their fur coats whilst alive and then be left to bleed to death, on the frozen ice.  


Shock From Japanese Whaling Industry 

GreenEcoPeace Intelligence.

Japan has announced the slaughter by the incursion of grenades into whales by a grenade carrier called a Harpoon. This harpoon will blow out the insides of whales whilst they are still alive and cause them to have a lingering death drowning slowly in their own blood for up to hours later, before they are slaughtered.

The Yakuza controlled mafia style whalers, backed by the Japanese government, have now decided to kill another 60 whales 50 miles off it's own coast, which is illegal, as these whales will be slaughtered for commercial purpose, cut up and sold to schools, nurseries and sushi bars, throughout Japan.

Japan will lie and lie and say that they are killing for scientific research - what research? no research has ever been published. The whole world is now realising that Japan is killing our sea mammals to eat. Over 30,000 a year.

5 Japanese vessels have now left Ayukawa in northern Miyagi Japan to hunt for and slaughter our whales. The suffering the whales will have to go through will be hell, at the hands of the Japanese government backed cruel whalers.  


Bottom Sea Trawling Destroying UK Seabed's

GreenEcoPeace Intelligence

Bottom Trawling involves dragging huge heavy nets along the sea floor. Large metal plates and rubber wheels attached to these nets, move along the bottom and crush nearly everything in its path. All evidence indicates that water life forms are very slow to recover from such damage, taking decades to hundreds of years to recover, if ever at all.

The principle of bottom trawling is simple, drag a heavy net across the sea floor and any fish there will be caught and everything else is caught as well, including porpoises, dolphins, seals and even whales. The coral when bottom trawling, is wrecked and the sea bottom is destroyed.

Bottom Gillnets or set nets are fine filament nets, the lower edge of which touch the seabed and are held in place by numerous floats, weights and anchors. If a fish's head goes through the net but it can't follow, it is 'Gilled' or entangled in the netting when it tries to get out. Bottom seabed trawling is destructive and should be banned.


Japanese Vessels Of Death Return To Shimonoseki, Japan 

The Japanese killer vessels have just returned to port with the slaughter house ship the Nisshin Maru coming in behind with 700 of our innocent great whales, butchered and on board chopped up into pieces and agonisingly killed, many taking hours to die, with their insides floating outside of their bodies whilst still alive.

Our beautiful god created whales now destroyed by the Japanese implanting into the whales, grenades, on carrier weapons called a harpoon, illegal in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

The Japanese deceit and lies match the evilness of the Japanese whalers, as they tell the world that they are only destroying our precious whales by the hundreds, for the sake of 'Scientific Research'.

The world knows the evil lies of the Japanese and the International Whaling Commission should be ashamed of themselves, knowing the lies and untruths and the spin the Japanese are telling the world.

We are now remembering the atrocities the Japanese carried out on British, Australian, New Zealand and American troops in world war II!

Japan did not get its full quota of whales as the Japanese were blocked by conservationists. 305 whales were saved from the agonising death of their insides being ripped out.

Kazuo Yamamura president of the Japanese mafia style influenced Kyodo Sempaku Kaisha, which operates the whaling fleet supported by the Japanese government, told reporters that 'he was upset and enraged and his blood was boiling'.

It was obvious that he was not happy that he did not get his full quota of whales, tough Mr Japanese man sending others to do your dirty work for you, but on the other hand the others must be dirty as well in order to do this dirty type of work! 


From Our Intelligence Service 

Now over 50,000 baby seals have been slaughtered and the Canadian government are telling deceitful lies about seals. The Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans say that the poor seal is a predator of cod. But there is no justification for this theory. The worlds leading authority on Harp Seals, Dr David Lavigne says "Harp seals only utilize young cod for approximately 3% of their diet and of greater concern is, that many of the other fish that compromise the remaining 97% of the seals diet, are themselves predators of young cod. If you kill the harp seal, the return of the cod may be severely hindered and not helped, because there will be a significant increase in predatory fish hunting for the cod", or what is left of the cod after the giant trawlers have taken most of the cod.

The Canadian D.F.O. was responsible for the mismanagement of the cod and it was not the seals.

The Canadian government is covering up their mismanagement and putting the blame on the poor seals, this is wrong. The Canadian government then allows the disgruntled fishermen to kill seals and subsidise the killing of each seal, just to keep the New Foundland fishermen (seal killers), happy. That then helps to keep the government in power, by attracting their votes.

In the last 4 years the Canadian government has ordered the barbaric slaughter of well over 1 million seals. Now because of these killings, there is bacteria infestation on the ocean floor causing hyperoxia (dissolved oxygen loss), which contributes to unsustainable cod, fish and marine life. Kill the killings by the Canadian government and stop the killing of our innocent seals.

Seals were in harmony with cod long before Canada was even thought of.


Icy Waters Greenland Rare Deep Sea Sharks 

Scientific divers Jeffrey Gallant and Dr Chris Harvey-Clark, decided to look for giant Greenland sharks at night.

Since 1996 the researchers have been studying the Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus), which is over 6m (20ft) is the largest carnivorous shark, after the great white (Carcharodon carcharias) and the only large shark ever found under polar ice.

After first documenting an unstudied population of the sharks in the St Lawrence Estuary in 2003, Gallant and Harvey-Clark were joined by Dr Michael Stokesbury from Dalhousie University the following year 2004, to track the movement and behaviour of these giant sharks. Gallant said, "we would swim up to the sharks and implant transmitters into the skin of the slow swimming sharks (with no pain to the shark). We were not sure how they would react, but in most cases the sharks only shuddered and then bolted away into the darkness. What is intriguing is that the telemetry results, show us the sharks exhibit remarkably different behaviour during the day, quite different to the night.

During the day time, the sharks stay close to the bottom, moving quite slowly at about 20cm (0.65ft) per second. As dusk turns into night, telemetry shows the sharks becoming much more active and in some cases migrating almost to the surface, then back to the bottom in 60m (200ft) of water ever 20 to 30 minutes. This fits with a marine mammal hunting pattern, as it is the same "bandwidth" of water the sharks share with the seals".


From Our Intelligence Service

The HSUS/Glover Photo

The baby seals wriggle across the ice, blood trailing behind them. You hear their cries, you see them trying to escape, you smell the blood and you feel their terror. Many baby seals die a horrible death, as sealers shoot at the terrified babies, then descend on the wounded struggling animals with wooden bats with nail heads.

There was a agonizing assault on one baby seal. The pup sniffed the air as if sensing danger, he looked around and then the first bullet hit him. You could hear his screams as the baby seal tried to crawl away but another bullet hit his flesh. Then a third, fourth and fifth bullet hit him, screaming and badly injured he wriggled into the water. He did not come back up, he would have bled to death.


From Our Intelligence Service

Approximately 25,000 innocent baby seals have been savagely slaughtered with no remorse on the ice with nail sticks (hakapiks) in Canada to date and many other baby seal puppies have been badly injured after managing to escape off the ice into the water. These lovely cuddly baby seals then slowly drown. Thousands of innocent seal puppies are now lying on the ice alive slowly dying with their little furry coats ripped off and their skinless bodies will lye on the ice until they freeze to death.

New Foundland baby seal slaughters - kill. The Canadian government sponsors the kill. 

Remember Herod!  

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