April 2008


Canadian Seal Slaughter Every Spring Two Worlds Collide 

Every Spring Loyola Hearn, DFO and Conservationist clash.

Loyola Hearn minister of Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO), believes in a world that humans are above all other beings.

Loyola Hearn also believes that he can slaughter seals and rape the sea of Atlantic Cod and Pacific Salmon without restraint.

Conservationists such as GreenEcoPeace, recognise themselves as part of nature and feel that they want to help the Natural World.

Conservationists believe that they are no more precious, than any other species on our planet.

Every year the two worlds will collide until Canada cruelly stops slaughtering and skinning alive, innocent seals.


Conservation Ship Towed Into Sydney Nova Scotia At Gun Point I Still Under Siege 

The Farley Mowat ship had all it's radio equipment totally immobilised and the crew and captain was held at gun point. The Farley Mowat conservation ship, was forcibly towed into Sydney Nova Scotia Canada, by the Canadian coast guard.

The captain and first officer of the Farley Mowat was jailed but later released on a bond.

The Canadian government is talking about confiscating the ship. The ship at the moment is being striped down, as the Canadians are looking for any evidence.

The Farley Mowat ship and its crew, were filming the slaughtering of seals (babies alive), in free passage International waters.

What the Canadians did, was an act of piracy and war.

It is believed that the ship was forcibly towed into harbour by the ice breaker coast guard ship, so the seal slaughtering, now at its height could continue uninterrupted.

The Canadian government encourage seal slaughter and even replace or repair the damaged boats that go out to savage the seals.

GreenEcoPeace have seriously complained to the department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and to Jonathan Shaw Defra London England.

See emails. Click on emails main menu, look for Canadian government DFO and DEFRA also click onto Seals for explicit..



Canadian fisheries Minister Loyola Heran Lies & Relies On Newfoundland Seal Killers Vote

Loyola Hearn has to keep the Newfoundland fishermen/seal killers happy to ensure he keeps his job and top salary. He relies on them and to hell with the seals.

In fact Loyola Hearn is so obsessed with keeping his job and pleasing the Newfoundlanders who kill the seals, that he is also prepared to lie, board at gun point a conservation ship in International free passage waters, handcuff the crew, disable their communication system and forcibly tow their ship, the Farley Mowat, into a harbour at Sydney Nova Scotia, start to strip down the Farley Mowat and is trying to find excuses to say that the Farley Mowat is an incapable ship in ice. Yet this ship is so strong and has such a powerful engine and an extra thick ice hull.

Previously the Canadian coast guard ship struck the Farley Mowat twice. There is photo evidence.

The amazing thing is, Loyola Hearn allows flimsy small wooden and aluminium boats without ice hulls to go out in dangers ice filled sea to slaughter seals. Two more seal killers boats have just capsized and many have capsized since the slaughter started on 28th March 2008.

Loyola Hearn at the moment will do anything to distract away from the very serious incident caused by the Canadian government owned killer Coast guard ice breaker the Sir William Alexander.

This ship towed the seal killing small boat Arcadia II carelessly, causing it to overturn, after hitting ice, killing 4 seal killers.

Loyola Hearn believes that if he can distract the Canadian people away from the tragedy of the 4 seal killers loosing their lives and saying how bad the conservationist were, by filming illegally, the cruel seal slaughter and that all will be well.

Loyola Hearn had the captain and first officer of the Farley Mowat arrested and jailed and is trying to confiscate their ship. The whole world is now aware of this incident and Canada's killing of 275,000 baby seals. It has made Canada and Loyola Hearn look a disgrace.

Boarding a ship in International waters and forcing it illegally at gun point into a harbour under tow in Canada Sydney Nova Scotia is an act of piracy or war.

As the Canadian government would say, "be transparent and it shows that you have nothing to hide".

The Canadian government is not transparent so it must have lots to hide.

See under emails, Canadian government Department of Fisheries & Oceans and our emails to them.

Canada and Newfoundland should remember that "nature never forgets, it always gets it's revenge."


Nisshin Maru & 5 Shamed Japanese Research Whale Killing Ships Arrive Bank In Tokyo Japan

Even though the Japanese have been shamed by GreenEcoPeace and throughout the world for cruelty and slaughtering innocent whales, they still came back with 551 cut up into pieces, beautiful whales, who were just going about their family business peacefully and not realising that their insides were to be blown apart.

There original target was approximately 1000 Minke whales, 50 fin whales (second largest whale in the world) and 50 humpback whales.

They came back with approximately 50% of the Minke whale kill, because the Nissshin Maru the biggest whale slaughter ship in the world, was being chased and blocked at the rear of the ship, (that's where they pull up the whales, as the mother and baby whale, that the whole world saw), by conservation ships and pressure put on the Australian government by GreenEcoPeace.

The Japanese whale killing deceitful research ships, have been at sea for 5 months. The Japanese whale killers said 'that there were plenty of fin whales to kill, but after searching the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales for over 3 months, they never even found one.'

What happened to the plenty of fin whales, that the Japanese said were in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales? They also set out to slaughter 50 humpback whales whilst they were at sea, but with GreenEcoPeace, conservation groups and pressure from anti-whaling governments, they had to forcibly cancel the kill. 

The Japanese agriculture deputy minister, Toshiro Shirasu said,

'sabotage by activists is a major factor behind our failure to achieve our target'. This information, came from a fisheries agency official.

It is understood also, that Japan has lost approximately $70 million on their last slaughter trip, tough!

We hope that the Japanese officials don't loose any beauty sleep at night worrying about what happened to the other half of their quota that they didn't catch!


Great News Sea Horses Are Now Increasing & Returning In The Thames

GreenEcoPeace has been putting constant pressure on the London Port Authority to keep the River Thames cleaner and less polluted with plastic bags.

Despite almost vanishing because of pollution, sea horses are now back in London's River Thames and thriving. 


Grey Whale Unlawfully Harpooned & An Agonising Death Over 10 Hours 

A prominent Whale Killer, from the Makah Tribe, was found guilty of unlawfully killing a Californian Grey Whale, near Cape Flattery in Washington State.

Sentencing is set for 20th June 2008. The whale killers could face a years jail on each account.

Wayne Johnson is the captain of the Makah whaling crew of four. All pleaded guilty.

This has been a very important victory for anti-whalers.

This poor whale took an agonising 10 hours to die, can you imagine what it had to go through, then it sank to the bottom of the sea in the Pacific. What a catastrophe, what a waste.

The Makah elders, believe "that the whale must be respected and protected and that the days of killing whales is over".

Let's hope the elders will keep their promise.


Oceans Warming Up Faster Than Predicted

Oceans across the globe are warming up to four times faster than previously thought, according to the UN.

The North Sea is one of 18 out of 64 ocean areas where rising temperatures could devastate communities and wildlife.

Higher temperatures cause more acidic waters which decimate ocean life, a major source of income and tourism. Hot pollution being dumped into seas by factories and power plants, plus waters not being protected from the Sun by trees due to deforestation, are mainly to blame.

The increases could create an 'accelerated greenhouse effect' as warmer seas release more carbon dioxide.

Nick Nuttall, spokesman for the UN's environment programme, which wrote the report, said: 'a large number of people are dependent on these eco-systems for their livelihood.' The area of water which has warmed most rapidly is the Baltic Sea, where temperatures have risen 1.35 C in the past 25 years - more than four times the average of .3 C reported in 2007 by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

More money must be spent on protecting international waters, Mr Nuttall told the Global Conference on Oceans, Coasts and Islands, held in Vietnam. 


Tide Of Plastic Threatens Sea Species Whales Dolphins Seals Sea Birds Turtles etc 

More than 170 species are being killed or injured by a record level of plastic waste in the sea and on UK beaches. 

At least 170 breeds are at risk, with items of plastic in the sea and plastic and rubbish on beaches. The main culprits of plastic include, drinks bottles, supermarket plastic bags and tooth brushes et. Also things like fizzy drinks cans and ring tops are another major problem.

Plastic now accounts for 60% of beach litter say's Alan Marston from GreenEcoPeace.


Oriental Bluebird Docked In Tokyo Bay With Cargo Of Illegal Whale Meat 

International Law Broken to Pursue Whaling. 

Conservation activists in Japan, demand illegal whale meat aboard the Panamanian flagged Oriental Bluebird, be refused by customs.

The international convention that helped save the elephant and rhino from extinction at the hands of poachers, is now being ignored by the Japanese Fisheries Agency to continue whaling in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales, under the deceitful undercover name, of Scientific Research.

On 22nd January 208, there was a transfer of whale meat from the Japanese registered factory whaling ship, the Nisshin Maru, to the Panamanian registered cargo ship, the Oriental Bluebird. Also an illegal transfer of fuel was carried out from the Oriental Bluebird to the Nisshin Maru. It is illegal to fuel in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for whales, from one ship to another.

Under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), it is illegal to trade animals and plants listed on Appendix 1 across international borders. It appears that Japan is become a law unto itself.

The Oriental Bluebird has now docked in Tokyo Bay, to unload it's cargo of Minke whale meat, completing the international trade, that started in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales over two months ago.

Appendix 1 of CITES, lists nearly 900 plant and animal species and includes all the 'great' whales like humpback, fin and Minke whales. 

Japan has filed what is known as a 'reservation' to the listing of many whale species on Appendix 1, which allows it to ignore some restrictions on trade in Minke whales. But, because Panama has ratified the treaty without reservations, it cannot commercially import or export Minke whale.

Transferring the whale meat from the Japanese registered Nisshin Maru, to the Panamanian registered Oriental Bluebird, which then unloads the meat in a Japanese port, is therefore illegal under both the rules of CITES and Panamanian law.

"Japan's research whaling programme is a national embarrassment and a sham," said Alan Marston from GreenEcoPeace. "It is riddled with illegalities and instances where international law has been bent, broken, and bypassed; it continues to strain relations with our allies around the world and tarnish Japan's reputation. It's time for Japan to stop whaling in the Southern Ocean forever".

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was set up in 1973 to protect animals and plants against over exploitation through international trade.

Japan is trying to exploit every avenue, a very difficult nation to deal with.

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