Japan Killers of Whales 

122 Pregnant Whales were Killed in Japan's Latest Slaughter plus 114 were considered to young too be killed. Japan is killing whales for commercial purposes under the guise "Scientific Research". In 2014 the International Court of Justice banned Japan from whaling in the Antarctic Southern Ocean.

The Japanese ignored the ban and continued to slaughter our beautiful and precious whales, so vital to our eco system. 

Japan Announces Whale Killing, Commercially, Closer to Its Shores

Whaling to start in July 2019. The Australian Government said "it was extremely disappointed in the Japanese decision", Japan will leave the Southern Ocean where it has had clashes with anti-whaling groups. The Japanese whaling fleet sadly is currently killing whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Japan has turned their backs on global efforts to conserve whales and not to kill them. Climate change, entanglement in fishing nets, plastic pollution, under water noise and ship strikes threatens our ocean giants. The main whale slaughtering nations are Japan, Iceland and Norway, who openly defy the IWC's ban on commercial whale killing. 

Charles: Plastic's On The Menu 

Prince warns: Every piece of sea-caught fish that you eat may contain plastic. 

Prince Charles warned yesterday that 'plastic is now on the menu' as almost every fish caught for the dinner table contains refuse dumped in our oceans.

Trash Island

Is a new island on our planet, made up of floating plastic and filth in the Pacific Ocean.

Plastic Debris discovered inside Sea Salt

Sea salt harvested, from oceans around the world is now being contaminated with plastic, scientists have found. 

The Swan Story

After litter picking in the Solent, we found a swan in agony with a large fish hook in its mouth and the line wrapped around its neck. This swan was in danger of dying and little did we know at the time, that she had a family waiting for her.

After approximately 4 hours, we managed to get her out of the water and onto the pontoon, where we carried out a small operation, which was successful.

We released her and she happily swam away, only to return with her partner and new family of four, especially to say, thank you.

Very touching and extremely rewarding. 

Gordon Ramsay Attacked, Costa Rica, Shark Defining

100,000,000 Sharks have their fins cut off and are thrown back into the sea, alive, every year and die. Chef Gordon Ramsay was doused in petrol and threatened at gun point while filming a TV program about Shark Defining.

Gordon Ramsay was in Costa Rica filming about the illegal trade in shark fins. Gordon Ramsay said, "that shark fins is a multi-billion dollar industry and completely unregulated". We traced some of the biggest culprits to Costa Rica. The day before we got there a Taiwanese crew landed a haul of Hammerhead sharks. Police searched the boat and found bails of cocaine.

These gangs operate from places that are like forts, with barbed wire perimeters and gun towers.


Imagine the pain all these sharks have had to go through removing their fins.

Gordon Ramsay says, "I managed to shake off the people who were keeping us away, I ran up some stairs to a rooftop and looked down to see thousands and thousands of fins drying on rooftops as far as the eye could see."

Gordon Ramsay says, "when I got back down stairs, the gangsters tipped a barrel of petrol over me." Suddenly there were cars with blacked out windows appearing from nowhere, they were trying to block us in. We decided to immediately dive into our car and clear off.

Later on in the trip myself and the film crew managed to talk our way onto one of the fishing boats involved in the illegal shark fin trade.

Gordon Ramsay said, in a quite moment, I dived from the boat to swim with the fish Marlin. I swam under the keel of the boat and saw this sack tied to it. I opened the sack and it was full of illegal shark fins. The minute I through this back on deck everyone started screaming and shouting.

When I got back to the wharf, there was lots of people pointing rifles at us trying to stop us filming. Suddenly a van pulled up and one of these seedy characters made us stand against a wall. We heard the police cars and the police came over to us and advised us to leave the country immediately. The police said, "if you set one foot wrong, they could shoot you."

Despite a governmental crack down, Costa Rica's trade in shark fins is thought to be one of the most lucrative in the world and is controlled by the Taiwanese and Indonesian mafia. One port in Costa Rica alone, is thought to receive, three ship loads of the illegal shark fins every week and globally, the trade is worth in access of a billion a year. A single pound of shark fin, can sell for more than £150. Approximately 100 million sharks and probably more are killed for their fins every year, their live bodies are then thrown back into the sea to slowly drown and die an agonizing death.

Costa Rica is no longer romantic and the nation of great tasting coffee, it now seems to be a nation of ecological destruction, corruption, shark killers and rain forest destroyers and one of the most destructive nations on earth. Shark finning activities goes on in the port of Puntarenas, where it is also controlled by a type of underworld. The cruelly killed sharks fins are to be seen drying out on many rooftops of buildings.

Sharks are disappearing from our oceans fast. Last year over 100 million sharks were killed, just for their fins for tasteless shark fin soup (shark fin soup gets its taste from add ons).

Around the Cocos Island, there is virtually no sharks and now more dangerous predators have moved in, one being the giant squid, which will eat its own kind and kill humans. One of the sharks main food is squid, kill the sharks and the Eco-system is seriously affected.

Killing off our endangered sea mammals seriously affects the workings of nature. Kill off the Eco-system and you will slowly kill off the human species.

Secret Hidden Camera's Expose A Bloody Mess, Terrifying and Agonizing Slaughter of Animals in the UK by Simply Halal in Burnham, Norfolk - Now Shut Down after Investigation.

David Cameron Prime Minister shockingly, shockingly, agrees, that Halal and Kosher slaughter houses serving the Muslim and Jewish communities, can continue cutting the throats of animals, in the name of their religion, for meat and they can be exempt from rules requiring that all animals must be stunned before slaughter, (so they are not aware of what is happening), otherwise they are horrifyingly fully aware of what is happening. No different to your pet or child having an operation without anesthetic, unthinkable. Animals and humans have similar feelings.

A sickening video from hidden camera's, clearly shows sheep, terrifyingly wriggling and trying to escape from metal tubs, filled with their blood, after having their throats cut. Others that struggled and fell out of the blood filled tubs, were aggressively thrown back in, to continue bleeding to death.

Terrified sheep, were watching their friends dying in agony, one was hoisted up pumping out it's own blood, wriggling, trying to escape, when it crashed to the floor. Video footage. There were no blind folds on the sheep and no prays said, as is supposed to be, only sear words.

Simply Halal said, "that they had not done anything wrong".

Sean Wensley, president of the British Veterinary Association, said "the treatment of animals in the video footage, was "unacceptable".

We are living in the year 2000, where all animals should be stunned before slaughter. We are not living in the darker ages, where cruelty prevailed in the slaughtering of animals.

Now, no animals should suffer, No No No!

Japan Breaking Court Ruling

Japan kills 200 pregnant females in their latest Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary whale hunt and over all they have killed 333 whales. A devastating and agonizing death. These whales were brutally killed even after the Hague's Court Ruling that Japan must not kill the whales. There has been an international out cry about Japans illegal whale killing. Japan's arrogance has to be stopped. Australian and New Zealand governments failed to protect the whales in their protected area's, WHY?

From Sir David Attenborough to GreenEcoPeace

'While I have indeed spoken out about iniquity (wickedness and injustice) of whale hunting, whenever I have found an appropriate moment, I have not been in the forefront of the drive which has been so successful in protecting whales over recent year'. 

David Attenborough goes on to say, 'I believe that the one person in Britain, possibly in the world who did more than any other was Sir Peter Scott. He not only raised public perception, but also took on the grinding drudgery of sitting in committee after committee drafting the legislation, arguing and persuading'. Sir David Attenborough.

Sir David Attenborough Speaks Out on Behalf of the Badger

Sir David Attenborough in Badger Cull Blast.

Sir David Attenborough has accused ministers of 'ignoring' evidence, after the badger cull was extended. 

Sir David Attenborough said 'when they don't get the results they want, they want to extend by a further 8 weeks'. Sir David Attenborough goes on to say, 'it is simply not believing in science'.

GreenEcoPeace says, 'don't move the goal posts Mr Cameron and don't kill our wild badgers.

Lion Cubs Born To Be Horrifically Shot and Killed

Beautiful lion cubs don't know their fate, when they are being held and photographed by tourists, at a so called 'Petting' lion but farm in South Africa.

The thousands of visitors who get close to the young lion cubs, would be shocked beyond belief, if they knew that they were supporting the unthinkable trade and not knowing, that later on, that in their life, these cubs, when grown up, would be sold on, to be prepared for being shot, by evil Trophy Hunters.

The lion cubs on these so called Petting farms are often heart breakingly, wrenched from their mothers, when they are just one day onld. This enables the lioness to mate again quicker, thus providing the Petting farms with a continued supply of young lion cubs, for photography and later to be shot.

The people who are involved, the vile killers, are the so called Trophy Hunters. (Coward selfish killers).

GreenEcoPeace says, jail these animal thugs for Wildlife Crime.

Shame on Him

This beautiful elephant one of the oldest in Zimbabwe was shot dead for the fun of it by a German Trophy hunter.

GreenEcoPeace vows with their intelligence, to identify the German hunter, who shot dead this superb prehistoric line, magnificent elephant, so this man can be vilified,

Such animals as these, are very rare and the tusks were torn off and the German bragged,

that each ivory tusk, weighed approximately 120lb. This evil German person paid over £39,000 for the privilege of shooting this elephant and watching it die. 

We've got the photograph as in the picture and we will identify him!

To shoot this beautiful innocent animal was wrong. 

Why is it Allowed

Denmark is a member of the E.U. Faeroe Islands are part of the Danish Kingdom and receive subsidies from Denmark.

It is illegal to kill whales within the E.U and in Denmark.

Denmark receives subsidies from the E.U, so why are the Faeroe Islanders allowed to brutally kill these whales, some being dragged, by boats, with ropes, screaming. Their fate awaits them, the Faeroe Island killers, on the beach, with their children, excited to brutally stab and hack them to death. 250 whales on the shores of Bour and Torshavn, have just been brutally stabbed and hacked to death, by the Faeroe Islanders and their children.

Faeroe Islanders kill up to 2000 dolphins and whales every year, herding them into the shores

and with the cruellest and barbaric methods ever imaginable, just to slaughter them and just for the fun of it. With the killings, the whole of the bay's are a sea of red blood, with the Faeroe Islanders and their children laughing, swimming and revelling in it.

These Faeroe Islanders in our opinion, are cruel, sick people.

Two Danish war ships, HMDS Triton and HDMS Knud Rasmussen supported the Faeroe Islanders and stopped conservationists, from trying to stop the massacres. The police were also very heavy handed, with the conservationist and they arrested many of them. 

Many thanks to Sea Shepherd for these very sad photos, Sea Shepherd will always have our support and we are proud that we have had many meetings with Captain Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd conservation group and the captains of their ships

Washed Up Whales Die Full of Plastic

Whales washed up on North Sea beaches had stomachs full of plastic rubbish, tests have shown.

More than 36 have perished this year alone including six on the British coastline. Investigators carried out tests on 13 whales that had been found washed up on a single beach in Germany.

They discovered a 43ft fisherman's net, a 3ft cover from a car's engine compartment and parts of a broken bucket in the creature's stomach's.

The whales were thought to have been following squid swept into the North Sea by violent storms in the north-eastern Atlantic. They became stranded in shallow waters and were washed up on beaches in the northern German state of Schieswig-Hol stein. 

Experts said eating the plastic rubbish meant the whales had 'starved with full stomachs'. The Daily Mail has led the campaign to banish plastic bags to stop rubbish polluting our land and sea. Last year England finally introduced a 5p charge for plastic carrier bags, the last UK nation to do so.

Professor Ursula Siebert from Hanover Veterinary College, who was among experts who examined the whales, said all of the animals were males aged between 10 and 15 and weighed between 12 and 18 tons.

A 15 ton sperm whale would need to eat around 992lb of food to sustain itself, she said. The dead whales had nothing but plastic in their stomachs

Local environment minister Robert Habeck said; 'These findings show us the results of our plastic orientated society. Animals inadvertently consume plastic and plastic waste which causes them to suffer and at worst, causes them to starve with full stomachs'.

In Britain, whales washed up at beaches in Norfolk and Lincolnshire in late January and early February. 

Sir Richard Branson Swim’s with Tiger Sharks, Western Australia Kills Premier of the State of Western Australia Colin Barnetts, murderous shark cull/killing policy and sanctioned by the minister for the Environment Greg Hunt, Western Australia is disgustingly killing the beautiful endangered Tiger Sharks.

We have just seen another three Tiger Sharks sickeningly caught with baited drum lines. The small Tiger Shark 2.2 metres (approx. 7ft) had been horrifically struggling for hours, sharks need to swim all the time to ventilate their gills. This Tiger shark along with the other two had hooks through their heads for hours. The other beautiful Tiger Sharks approx. 3 metres long, were shot a number of times, hung up by their noses then dumped out at sea.

Previously Western Australia have already dragged out and mercilessly shot and killed one other beautiful Tiger Shark, it was gutted and dumped out at sea. The smaller younger shark was dragged onto the deck, the hook was removed from her head using a knife. It appeared that the wound was already badly infected and then further injuries were caused by the knife to the head. The young shark after being man handled was thrown overboard and will now probably die.

There will be a possible legal challenge against the indiscriminate killing of Australia’s precious marine wildlife.

Valerie Taylor, with her late partner Ron, made a living out of filming sea life for 50 years, say’s “The Tiger Sharks she met, in all her experiences, had been pleasant, nice and gentle sharks“.

Weeping Arctic Ice

 This eerie picture of a sad weeping face, is a true picture of an Arctic ice glazier melting.

Lecturer on the Arctic, Michael Nolan who photographed this amazing sad face, said that he regularly goes to the area and he has noticed that the glazier has been disappearing, at the rate of approximately 150 feet a year.

We all have to realise now that global warming is not something we just hear about, it is seriously happening now and is and will be in the future, affecting you and more seriously, will affect your children and their children's children.

If you want to help to do something about it, start now!

If you don't know how to go about it, but want to help, please donate to GreenEcoPeace and tell us what you would like to do to help and we will represent you and keep you informed by email.

Together we can influence and we will.

Revealed For The First Time

There will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. This has also been confirmed by Dame Ellen MacArthur. One Solar-Powered vacuum ship could suck up 24,000 tons of ocean plastic every year, this could be the answer. The ship will work by funneling plastic waste as it moves forward. The deck mounted solar panels and two wind turbines, will feed power to electric pumps and filters that can suck up plastic solids and micro plastic. An on board shredder will rip apart and break up larger pieces of debris. 

The vessel once built, will be around 144 ft long and fully autonomous.

Images of seals, turtles, mammals and sea birds trapped in plastic rings, ropes and sheeting is shocking, what agony and pain they must be going through because of us humans.

Humans. Are we starting to slowly kill ourselves. Professor Tamara Galloway of Exeter University quotes, "research estimates that anyone consuming an average amount of sea food would ingest about 11,000 micro plastic particles a year.

Reports say, plastic has increased 20 fold in our oceans in the past 50 years

More than 5 trillion pieces of plastic, collectively weighing approximately 270,000 tons, are floating in the worlds oceans, causing damage throughout the food chain, this is after new research.

Findings show that the garbage patches in the middle of the 5 subtropical gyres (areas), are not the final resting places for the worlds floating plastic trash.

The end game for micro plastic is interactions with entire ocean ecosystems. The 5 major ocean garbage patches are, the South Atlantic gyre, the Indian Ocean gyre, the North Pacific gyre, the South Pacific gyre and the North Atlantic gyre and there's lots of garbage and plastic floating around the UK. A model of the vacuum ship has already been built, lets hope funding will come quickly to build the big vacuum super ship.

Your may never buy leather again 

A deeply disturbing undercover investigation reveals that dogs are being bludgeoned and killed so that their skin can be turned into leather gloves, belts, jacket collar trim, cat toys and other accessories to be sold around the world.

The Hindu Goddess Gadhimai Festival

Helping to bring to the attention of the world, the ruthless barbaric slaughter of 250,000 animals and birds. This horrific ritual, known as the Gadhimai festival, is the worlds biggest slaughter festival. This festival is to worship the Hindu goddess Gadhimai. This a Hindu festival but it's not part of the Hindu faith and the Hindu council UK says' "it's no part of the faith and no part of Hinduism". 

The famous actress Joanna Lumley spoke out strongly at the demonstration against the horrific slaughter ritual, Joanna led campaigners and an 80,000 rushed signatures, were delivered to the Nepalese embassy in London.

Compassion in World Farming spoke out and said, this cruel slaughter festival must stop and that people, should write to the ambassador, embassy of Nepal, 12a Kensington Palace Gardens, W8 4QU, telling them to stop the slaughter festival.

GreenEcoPeace (Alan Marston), gave a video appeal and support, for those trying to stop the slaughter in Nepal. Alan also challenged a Hindu representative, from the Hindu Council UK, asking him, why there hadn't been a request worldwide, for millions of signatures, from Hindu's, to help try and stop the horrific festival slaughter, in particular, from the many millions of Hindu's, who are whole heartedly against this shocking ritual. Lorna Whincop (GreenEcoPeace) was making her voice loud and clear chanting No More Gadhimai, No More Slaughter. The whole area was soon filled with chanting from everybody.

The Hindu representative, advised Alan, that politics were involved surrounding this merciless festival slaughtering event. The Nepalese government subsidise the festival.

This event, unless stopped, will take place again, this November the 28th and 29th in southern Nepal.

The suffering of these animals and birds is  unimaginable, they are sacrificed or hacked to bits and believe it or not, this cruel festival is part funded the Nepalese government.

The campaign, as you can see from the photo's, was extremely well supported.

IWC Meeting, Slovenia, Commencing 15th September 2014

The EU, Allows Whales to be Cruelly Slaughtered by Greenland.

This shameful decision was given at the IWC (International Whaling Commission) meeting, at Port Oroz Slovenia, earlier on in the meeting.

The Greenland whale killers, have just been given permission to hunt and slaughter 164 Minke whales, 12 Fin whales, 2 Bowhead whales and 10 Humpback whales per year, for the next 4 years, that is, 750 whales approximately. Incidently, there is no controls, it could be 50% more.

Greenland claim that they are Inuit, but whale meat in Greenland, is on the dinner plates in restaurants, in supermarkets and fish markets.

Whales suffer a long and lingering death when they are cruelly harpooned with explosives.


It was also found, that jewellery was made from the magnificent Orca whales teeth and Narwhal tusks were available. There was a whole range of whale products sickeningly for sale, along with, belief it or not, the heads of Porpoises and Seal meat.

Somebody is making a lot of money from killing our wonderful, endangered, prehistoric whales and mammals.

Now Japan, has submitted proposals, to kill whales again in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Japan's Antarctic hunt was declared illegal, by the International Court of Justice Holland only this year 31st March 2014.

35 governments, have called on Iceland as well to stop whaling and selling whale products as they are also killing vast amounts of whales. Iceland's leading seafood company, H B Grandi, has been connected to the endangered Fin whale hunt.

The animal welfare institute has said, that it welcomes the fact, that so many governments, have protested against Iceland, killing whales, Iceland has killed 109 endangered Fin whales and 23 Minke whales this year, this is totally unacceptable in our world today. Whaling in fact was not going to be part of the agenda at IWC this year, so Iceland cunningly thought they would get away with it, but a protest was signed, Iceland was not ready for this. Iceland is part of the Danish Kingdom.

Greenland is not Inuit, there are supermarkets, fish markets and restaurants everywhere. Greenland is part of the Danish kingdom, Denmark is in Europe, it is illegal to be part of any whale killing or selling of any whale meat in Europe.

Something here doesn't make sense, does it?

Japan To Defy The Hague Court

From our Intelligence Service - In Brief

Japan is to defy the Hague Court order made 31st March 2014. The order says, that Japan cannot kill whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, under the deceit, of Scientific Research. Japan says, it will go to the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to kill whales in 2015, some say that they may go this year, to kill whales. We will be watching.

Our conservation colleagues the Sea Shepherds, we are given to understand, will be sending three ships to the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to monitor the situation and will be there to uphold the law and intervene if necessary.

GreenEcoPeace will be reporting on the situation later.

Japan said in the Second World War, that they were the chosen ones and invincible.

We hope not!

Japan, Yushin Maru Dragging Whales

Australia with witness from New Zealand and backed by Conservationists and GreenEcoPeace Wins Whaling Case, Japan Demoralised

Presiding Judge Peter Tomka of Slovakia said Japan had not justified the large number of Minke whales it takes under its program.

Japan has said it will abide by the decision. 

“Japan regrets and is deeply disappointed that JARPA II … has been ruled by the court as not falling within the provisions of Article 8.”

The ICJ, by 12 votes to four, said Japan had not acted in compliance with its obligations under the international whaling convention.

Four years ago former environment minister Peter Garrett helped launch legal action against Japan in the International Court of Justice to try and put a stop to its controversial Antarctic whaling program.

It was the first time any country had used an international court to try to stop whaling.

Mr Garrett said he felt vindicated by the decision Labour made in 2010 to pursue the case against so-called “scientific whaling’’ in The Hague.

“I’m absolutely over the moon, for all those people who wanted to see the charade of scientific whaling cease once and for all,’’ he told ABC Radio.

“I think (this) means without any shadow of a doubt that we won’t see the taking of whales in the Southern Ocean in the name of science.”

The Sea Shepherd group was overwhelmed with the decision, as it had defended the whales and made daring clashes with the Japanese to save the whales.

Current Labour deputy leader Tanya Plibersek said Monday’s ruling meant a program which saw thousands of whales killed in Antarctic waters had at last been ended.

“The (coalition) government should now take up discussions with Japan to co-operate on genuine and non-lethal methods of whaling research,” she said.

Current Greens leader Christine Milne also paid tribute to the “champions” at Sea Shepherd, calling the ICJ verdict “justice at last”.

Paul Watson voiced doubt about Japan’s pledges to comply with the ruling but said his group – which has become a thorn in Tokyo’s side – would send its three-ship fleet to the Atlantic if Japan ended its practice.”

“ Paul Watson said, I’m not 100 per cent convinced they will abide by the ruling. Japan tends to agree and then they do whatever they want to do anyway and that has been their history with the International Whaling Commission.’’

Australia had asked the court to ban Japan’s annual hunt on the basis it was not “for purposes of scientific research’’ as allowed under Article 8 of the 1946 International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling.

Japan, however, countered during a three-week hearing in mid-2013 that the ICJ didn’t have the authority to decide what was, or wasn’t, science.

Japan insisted lethal research was both lawful and necessary.

But in the UN court the Hague they dismissed Tokyo’s argument.

Tokyo was criticised for doubling its target to 850 minke whales each year after 2005 without first assessing the research effectiveness of its earlier program, which had a much smaller sample size.

Japan hunts around a thousand mostly minke whales annually in the icy waters of the Southern Ocean.

Australia and environmental groups say the hunt serves no scientific purpose and is just a way for Japan to get around the moratorium on commercial whaling imposed by the International Whaling Commission in 1986.

Although the popularity of whale meat is declining in Japan, it is considered a delicacy by some, and meat from the hunt is sold commercially.

Japan has said it will abide by the ruling of the court, known as the World Court, which is the United Nations’ court for disputes between countries.

European Court of Justice Throws Out Seal Killers Appeal

(BRUSSELS)—The Court of Justice of the European Union, has dismissed an appeal by commercial sealing and fur trade interests and some Inuit representatives. The appeal sought to overturn the European General Court’s 2011 decision that the applicants’ action against the EU ban was inadmissible.

The EU’s decision to ban trade in cruel products of commercial seal slaughter remains an entirely democratic and legitimate action. The appellants simply do not have legal standing to challenge this legislative act, which came into being through the EU’s complex and highly democratic decision-making system.

“In their attempt to have their challenge deemed admissible, the appellants claimed that Regulation (EC) 1007/2009 on trade in seal products was a regulatory act, rather than a legislative one. It is an affront to EU democratic processes to argue that the ban, which was adopted by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union under the co-decision procedure, was not a legislative act.”


  • In April 2013, the European General Court rejected a separate action brought by commercial sealing industry interests and Inuit representatives, which sought to annul the European Commission Regulation that provides detailed rules for the implementation of the EU ban on trade in seal products.
  • An appeal to this decision was lodged in July 2013.
  • A separate application to have the EU seal product trade ban overturned was rejected in April 2010

GreenEcoPeace with Tommy an English Bullmastiff our mascot, along with IFAW, Sea Shepherd and campaigners protesting against the despicable seal slaughter, outside of the Canadian Embassy, No 5 Trafalgar Square, London, W1.

Follow your conscious and please write or email to:- 

Please write to the Prime Ministers Office Canada, Office of the Prime Minister, 80 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Canada, K1A 0A2.


The Honourable Loyola Hearn at:- House of Commons Canada, Minister of Fisheries & Oceans, Parliament Buildings, Wellington Street, Ottawa, Canada, K1A 0A6.



Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Communication Branch, 200 Kent Street, 13th Floor, Stations 13228, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0E6.


and tell them to stop this mass killing, of our innocent endangered seals, now! Thank you

Battle of Britain to stop lobsters and crabs from being boiled alive. 

Can you imagine being boiled alive, fishermen and people say, "it's only a lobster, it's only a crab". But they have feelings just like you and me and they scream with pain and it takes approximately up to a massive 15 minutes for a lobster to slowly die, by being dropped in scolding boiling water and a crab is scolded to death in just a little less time.

Researchers have found that shell fish die in agony and now the pressure has come, to humanely slaughter them. Vets have said they want this practice outlawed, on animal cruelty grounds. 

Some leading chefs are now using electric humane stunning devices, but there are lots still boiling them to death. 

Switzerland was the first country to impose a ban on dropping lobsters and crabs cruelly in to a boiling pot of hot water.

We call ourselves a nation of animal lovers, but lobsters and crabs are Britain's forgotten animals. The same humane slaughter will also go for fish, to include, cod, haddock etc who slowly suffocate in agony and take up to 2 hours to die. 

Government confirms that slaughter welfare standards are now under review.


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