Japan Killers of Whales


122 Pregnant Whales were Killed in Japan's Latest Slaughter plus 114 were considered to young too be killed. Japan is killing whales for commercial purposes under the guise "Scientific Research". In 2014 the International Court of Justice banned Japan from whaling in the Antarctic Southern Ocean.

The Japanese ignored the ban and continued to slaughter our beautiful and precious whales, so vital to our eco sytem. 


Japan Announces Whale Killing, Commercially, Closer to Its Shores.


Whaling to start in July 2019. The Australian Government said "it was extremely disappointed in the Japanese decision", Japan will leave the Southern Ocean where it has had clashes with anti-whaling groups. The Japanese whaling fleet sadly is currently killing whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Japan has turned their backs on gloabl efforts to conserve whales and not to kill them. Climate change, entanglement in fishing nets, plastic pollution, under water noise and ship strikes threatens our ocean giants. The main whale slaughtering nations are Japan, Iceland and Norway, who openly defy the IWC's ban on commecial whale killing. 


Charles: Plastic's On The Menu


Prince warns: Every piece of sea-caught fish that you eat may contain plastic


Prince Charles warned yesterday that 'plastic is now on the menu' as almost every fish caught for the dinner table contains refuse dumped in our oceans.

read more....

Trash Island

Is a new island on our planet, made up of floating plastic and filth in the Pacific Ocean. Read more...

Plastic Debris discovered inside Sea Salt

Sea salt harvested, from oceans around the world is now being contaminated with plastic, scientists have found. Read more...

Lion Cubs Born To Be Horriffically Shot and Killed

Beautiful lion cubs don't know their fate, when they are being held and photographed by tourists, at a so called 'Petting' lion but farm in South Africa. Read more...


The Swan Story

After litter picking in the Solent, we found a swan in agony with a large fish hook in its mouth and the line wrapped around its neck. This swan was in danger of dying and little did we know at the time, that she had a family waiting for her. read more


Gordon Ramsay Attacked, Costa Rica, Shark Defining

100,000,000 Sharks have their fins cut off and are thrown back into the sea, alive, every year and die. Read more

Secret Hidden Camera's Expose A Bloody Mess, Terrifying and Agonizing Slaughter of Animals in the UK by Simply Halal in Burnham, Norfolk - Now Shut Down after Investigation. Read more...

Japan Breaking Court Ruling

Japan kills 200 pregnant females in their latest Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary whale hunt and over all they have killed 333 whales. A devastating and agonizing death. These whales were brutally killed even after the Hague's Court Ruling that Japan must not kill the whales. There has been an international out cry about Japans illegal whale killing. Japan's arrogance has to be stopped. Australian and New Zealand governments failed to protect the whales in their protected area's, WHY?

From Sir David Attenborough to GreenEcoPeace

'While I have indeed spoken out about iniquity (wickedness and injustice) of whale hunting, whenever I have found an appropriate moment, I have not been in the forefront of the drive which has been so successful in protecting whales over recent year'. read more

Sir David Attenborough Speaks Out on Behalf of the Badger

Sir David Attenborough in Badger Cull Blast.

Sir David Attenborough has accused ministers of 'ignoring' evidence, after the badger cull was extended. read more

Shame on Him

This beautiful elephant one of the oldest in Zimbabwe was shot dead for the fun of it by a German Trophy hunter. Read more

Why is it Allowed

Denmark is a member of the E.E. Faeroe Islands are part of the Danish Kindgdom and receive subsidies from Denmark.

It is illegal to kill whales within the E.U and in Denmark. Read more

Washed Up Whales Die Full of Plastic

Whales washed up on North Sea beaches had stomachs full of plastic rubbish, tests have shown.

More than 36 have perished this year alone including six on the British coastline. Investigators carried out tests on 13 whales that had been found washed up on a single beach in Germany. Read more...

Sir Richard Branson Swim’s with Tiger Sharks, Western Australia Kills Premier of the State of Western Australia Colin Barnetts, murderous shark cull/killing policy and sanctioned by the minister for the Environment Greg Hunt, Western Australia is disgustingly killing the beautiful endangered Tiger more

Weeping Arctic Ice


This eerie picture of a sad weeping face, is a true picture of an Arctic ice glazier melting.

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Revealed For The First Time

There will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. This has also been confirmed by Dame Ellen MacArthur. One Solar-Powered vacuum ship could suck up 24,000 tons of ocean plastic every year, this could be the answer. The ship will work by funneling plastic waste as it moves forward. read more

Your may never buy leather again after watching this video.

A deeply disturbing undercover investigation reveals that dogs are being bludgeoned and killed so that their skin can be turned into leather gloves, belts, jacket collar trim, cat toys and other accessories to be sold around the world.

The Hindu Goddess Gadhimai Festival

Helping to bring to the attention of the world, the ruthless barbaric slaughter of 250,000 animals and birds. This horrific ritual, known as the Gadhimai festival, is the worlds biggest slaughter festival. This festival is to worship the Hindu goddess Gadhimai.

IWC Meeting, Slovenia, Commencing 15th September 2014

The EU, Allows Whales to be Cruelly Slaughtered by Greenland.

This shameful decision was given at the IWC (International Whaling Commission) meeting, at Portoroz Slovenia, earlier on in the meeting. read more...

Japan To Defy The Hague Court

From our Intelligence Service - In Brief

Japan is to defy the Hague Court order made 31st March 2014. 

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Australia with witness from New Zealand and backed by Conservationists and GreenEcoPeace Wins Whaling Case, Japan Demoralised

Presiding Judge Peter Tomka of Slovakia said Japan had not justified the large number of minke whales it takes under its program.

Japan has said it will abide by the decision. read more.....

European Court of Justice Throws Out Seal Killers Appeal

(BRUSSELS)—The Court of Justice of the European Union, has dismissed an appeal by commercial sealing and fur trade interests and some Inuit representatives. read more...

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