Over The Sea, Destination Death

Our beloved compainions - our dogs, cut up and skinned alive, to make fake (counterfeit) Ugg boots and cheap belts and leather wear in China.

Dogs are being shipped from Thailand to China, for slaughter, by the thousands, in cages, with no food, to satisfy the fake Ugg boot makers and some ruthless leather manufacturers in China.

Racoons close members of the dog family, are also used, suffering unbearable pain and being skinned alive. Unbearable, even to think about it, barbaric, horrible, evil people who do it. 

When the dogs arrive at the make shift slaughter houses, they are held down and their heads bashed in with clubs, (video's) in front of the other dogs watching and waiting their turn to suffer horrific slaughter.

The Racoons (close to dogs), are also skinned alive and thrown on heaps outside, rigging, screaming and slowly dying in agony.

Lots of these fake Ugg boots are being sold cheap and on eBay, (you might be buying dog slaughtered Ugg boots), if you buy cheap Ugg style boots.

Some of the dogs are eaten after being skinned alive, Yes, all this, is going on in our world today.

Ugg frown on their boots being advertised or sold on eBay. 

The Ugg brand, is owned by Deckers, Australia, who only use sheep skin. There are no cheap Ugg brand original boots. The retail prices start at £175.0. Cheaper, they are only fakes (counterfeit), so don't be fooled! and don't buy cheap, think, as you'll only cry, when you know where the leather came from, Dogs!

If you buy cheap on eBay, you may loose your money and have a call from the governments counterfeit serious squad.

The analyst, who understands fakes (counterfeits), is Dr Phil Greeves of West Yorkshire.

If animals could only speak, nobody would be able to harm them, they would have rights.

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