Some MP's have called for a ban as an estimated 600,000 animals a week have their throats cut and bleed to death in British Abattoirs for Halal (lambs hanging up in background, bleeding to death, wriggling).

Britain should not allow this in Britain.

Imagine somebody cutting the throat of your pet dog or cat. 

The law requires abattoirs to stun animals before slaughter to prevent unnecessary suffering.

Why are animals throats being cut without first being stunned. I thought that we, here, in the UK, were an animal loving nation? 

Please see video and read the following:- From the Bowood Slaughterhouse in Thirsk North Yorkshire, father and son ownership, Robert and William Woodward. Click on link below to see video.

Food Standards Agency (FSA) says, there is no excuse for treating animals in the following way. If it hadn't have been for hidden camera's, the obscene atrocities, may not have come to light.

*a worker, hacking and sawing at a poor lambs throat. *sheep, being kicked and hurled at solid structures. *a worker jumping up and down on the neck of an innocent lamb. *painting spectacles, humiliatingly around the eyes of lambs and laughing as blood was pouring out of them and more. *4,000 sheep, were secretly filmed, being killed. *animals were seen having their throats hacked and sawed by a worker wearing traditional Muslim kulfi skullcap, muttering the words, Allah Akbar (god is great).

*sheep fell some distance from the chute, onto the slippery floor in the kill area, many sheep were unable to stand. *sheep were thrown head first onto the conveyor. *sheep hung up wriggling, being drained of blood, slowly dying. *UK law states for un-stunned animals, 20 seconds must be allowed after the throat is cut, some poor sheep were only allowed 1 second to ensure lose of consciousness, you know what that means. *4 slaughter men have been suspended. *this case could well be referred to the Crown Prosecution. *over 100,000 have signed a petition, shortly to be 200,000, demanding an outright ban on slaughtering animals without first stunning them. *William Woodward, owner of the slaughterhouse refused to comment. *government vets were supposed to be on hand, where were they? non were seen during the 3 days of secret filming.

CCTV camera's must now be installed in all slaughterhouses for the welfare of our animals and to help stop cruelty.

Many thanks to our colleagues Animal Aid.

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