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GreenEcoPeace is an Independent Non-Profit Organisation, campaigning on Environment Issues and Marine Environment. We are not affiliated to Greenpeace, although we share many campaign issues. 


We here at GreenEcoPeace love Whales, Dolphins and Seals, a cleaner Environment and less polluted Oceans, Rivers and Beaches. We also care very much for our planet, Antarctica, Rainforests, the Indigenous Rainforest people.


GreenEcoPeace have a qualified team of Mammal Medics and are on call 24 hours to help stranded whales, dolphins and seals. We have fast response rescue boats to get us to the distressed or stranded mammal or sea wildlife as soon as possible.


We here at GreenEcoPeace are dedicated to our cause and we have vouched never to tire until our mission is complete. We know that there is a lot of hard work to do out there, we believe, that we are the right people at GreenEcoPeace to carry out that work and through our sincere devotion and drive, we will deliver and carry out our promises to you.


We work closely with other groups such as Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, Humane Society International, AOL Care2, Avvaz, I.F.A.W and the British Divers Marine Life Rescue. But we here at GreenEcoPeace are different in so much as we channel our funding only into what we believe deserves it. Our prime targets are against whale slaughter, dolphin slaughter, seal slaughter, hammerhead sharks and shark slaughter, endangered turtles and polar bears, the burning and killing of orangutans and the distruction of Rainforests which adds to global warming. GreenEcoPeace hava a 24 hour call out for whale, dolphin and seal strandings.


We will also be channelling our funds into a cleaner environment, cleaner oceans, cleaner rivers and cleaner and safer beaches for our children, the Antarctica, Rainforests and the Indigenous Rainforest people. We will do our best to carry out your wishes. We will represent you and your wishes. We will keep you informed on the web and you can email us and we will email you back as soon as we can.


People support us and trust us to carry out their wishes, together we are a force to be dealt with and we certainly are not an organisation that is a push over. The more our opponents push us away the more GreenEcoPeace digs it's heals in.


We would like to thank the following for information and photo's which has greatly helped us and we sympathise for all the distress that they have had to go through to get these pictures. Greenpeace and photographers, W.D.C.S and photographers, Sea Shepherd and photographers and the I.F.A.W and photographers. Also many thanks to Sakae Hemmi, Sutton Hibbert, Mark Votier for their heroic photographs.

If at any time they need our help we will always be there to help them.


As our only intention is to dedicate our lives to protecting our Whales, Dolphins, Seals, Hammerhead Sharks, Turtles, Orangutans, Polar Bears, Oceans, Rivers, Beaches, Environment, the Planet, Antarcia, Rainforests and Indigenouos Rainforest people, if an accreditation has not been given in respect of any material contained or referred to, please be so kind as to bring it to our attention. Thank you a million.


GreenEcoPeace relies on Donations from merchandise and Donations from people like you. Please give generously to help keep us going. Thank you.


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