GreenEcoPeace is an Independent Non-Profit Organisation, campaigning on Environmental Issues and Marine Environment. We are not affiliated to Greenpeace, although we share many campaign issues. Any Donations to Help Us will be Greatly Appreciated.

Our Mission

Is to protect our wildlife, oceans, sea mammals, Rainforests, Antarctica and we campaign against sewage in our rivers and oceans.

Some people talk about conservation but don't do anything about it! and yet, some conservationists get talked about and not very nicely sometimes. Often their hard difficult and sensitive work is unappreciated, but we do it for our planet.

GreenEcoPeace are aware of the dark forces out there, that go out of their way to destroy the good name of conservationists and the work that they do.

These trouble makers (some people), object and are resentful, of any help or donation given to a conservation group.

These dark force people, are dangerous and destructive, but they will not deter us from helping our oceans, wildlife, rainforest's, animals and the Antarctica. 

How you can help

Ocean Mammals

Pollution in our Oceans

Rainforest Orangutans

Animal Atrocities

Sir David Attenborough
The voice and campaigner of protecting wildlife and the dangers of global warming

Sir Paul McCartney Calls for an end to Seal Killing off Canada's East Coast

Brian May (Queen guitarist)
Campaigning for the rights of Britain's wildlife animals, from Fox's, Badger's to Hedgehogs

Prince Charles
Advising and Campaigning on Ocean Pollution and the dangers of Plastic entering the sea and breaking down into small pieces and entering the food chain

Sir Richard Branson
Swims with Sharks to promote conservation of endangered Tiger and Lemon sharks

Gordon Ramsay
Exposes those who cruelly kill 100,000,000 Sharks for their fins, for shark fin soup, its illegal, killing the sharks seriously effects the 

Johanna Lumley, speaks out against the cruel Hindu butchering of thousands of animals in Nepal

GreenEcoPeace on Conservation Patrol Investigating Wildlife Crime

GreenEcoPeace Rescues Swan with a Fishing Hook in its throat

GreenEcoPeace outside the Canadian Embassy London. Campaigning against the cruel baby seal killing

Battle of Britain to Stop Lobsters and Crabs from being boiled Alive

Death Boots - Find out the True Story Behind the Fake Ugg Boots

Dolphins Scream, Clubbed and Skinned Alive

Rainforests - Illegal Logging

Orangutans - Executed Having Committed No Crime

Trash Island - Floating Plastic makes a New Island

Loving Pets sadly waiting to be sold an Killed for Meat

Polar Bears in Decline

Pair Trawling Fishing 
Blue Fin Tuna Ban

Endangered Sea Turtles are getting Deadly Tumors

Whaling - Whales numbers Decline

Planet Earth - our Environment Oceans

A Disaster Waiting to Happen

In Humane Animal Slaughter in British Abattoirs

Did you know?

100 million Sharks are killed each year for their fins, then SHOCKING

Whales are killed every day by ship strikes SHOCKING

Rainforest trees are cut down with Orangutans in them and set on fire SHOCKING

Thousands of dogs are still killed in China and South Korea and are skinned alive and cocked alive SHOCKING

It is now illegal in China for domestic dogs to be slaughtered, but it is still done illegally in Wu tang SHOCKING

Help us make a change

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