Animal Atrosities

Brian May is helping UK Wildlife


Brian May is leading the way when it comes to helping UK wildlife. Brian is fighting to save our very own UK badgers from culling.

Dead badgers lay piled on top of each other  - triggering claims, that marks men, are breaking guide lines, governing the controversial cull, bringing unnecessary blood shed to our UK countryside.

It is feared, it is just the tip of the iceberg, as gunmen stalk eight english counties, Devon, Cornwall, Wiltshire, Somerset, Cheshire, Dorset, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, to kill our badgers.

There is no exact proof that badgers cause TB in cattle. What the government wants to do, is kill off, 70% of our countryside badgers, a cruel and shocking disaster.

If you slaughtered, every single badger in the UK, you would still have Tuberculosis in cattle, according to Lord Kerbs, who authored the randomised badger culling trial experiment.

Brian May says "when you are fighting for a cause, you invitedly make enermies, who try to blacken your name". Brian also says, "the unnecessary killing of hundreds of thousands of defenceless animals is very wrong."

Brian May has opened a sanctuary for foxes, hedgehogs and for helping wildlife, in his very own garden.

There are still some very good and kind people around, "thank you Brian".


Over The Sea, Destination Death 


Our beloved compainions - our dogs, cut up and skinned alive, to make fake (counterfeit) Ugg boots and cheap belts and leather wear in China.

Dogs are being shipped from Thailand to China, for slaughter, by the thousands, in cages, with no food, to satisfy the fake Ugg boot makers and some ruthless leather manufacturers in China.

Original Ugg Boots

Fake Ugg Boot

Lots of these fake Ugg boots are being sold cheap and on Ebay, (you might be buying dog slaughtered Ugg boots), if you buy cheap Ugg style boots.

Racoons close members of the dog family, are also used, suffering unbearable pain and being skinned alive. Unbearable, even to think about it, barbaric, horrible, evil people who do it. 

When the dogs arrive at the make shift slaughter houses, they are held down and their heads bashed in with clubs, (video's) in front of the other dogs watching and waiting their turn to suffer horrific slaughter.

The Racoons (close to dogs), are also skinned alive and thrown on heaps outside, rigging, screaming and slowly dying in agony.

Some of the dogs are eaten after being skinned alive, Yes, all this, is going on in our world today.

Ugg frown on their boots being advertised or sold on Ebay. 

The Ugg brand, is owned by Deckers, Australia, who only use sheep skin. There are no cheap Ugg brand original boots. The retail prices start at £175.0. Cheaper, they are only fakes (counterfeit), so don't be fooled! and don't buy cheap, think, as you'll only cry, when you know where the leather came from, Dogs!


If you buy cheap on Ebay, you may loose your money and have a call from the governments counterfeit serious squad.

The analyst, who understands fakes (counterfeits), is Dr Phil Greeves of West Yorkshire.                                                                       

If animals could only speak, nobody would be able to harm them, they would have rights.

I Back Kosher Animal Killings & Defend Religious Slaughter of Animals in Britain Says David Cameron PM (can you believe this of a British Prime Minister where in Britain people are prosecuted for cruelty to animals).

His pro Jewish speech, came as leading vet John Blackwell called for a ban on Kosher and Halal meat.

Some MP's have also called for a ban as an estimated 600,000 animals a

week have their throats cut and bleed to death in British Abattoirs for religion. (lambs hanging up in background, bleeding to death, wriggling).

Britain should not allow this in Britain. Imagine somebody cutting the throat of your pet dog or cat, for religious reasons, unimaginable.

The law requires abattoirs to stun animals before slaughter to prevent unnecessary suffering. So why the exemption for Jewish and Muslim religions.

Why are animals throats being cut without first being stunned. I thought that we, here, in the UK, were an animal loving nation?


Please see video and read the following:- From the Bowood Slaughterhouse in Thirsk North Yorkshire, father and son ownership, Robert and William Woodward. Click on link below to see video.

Food Standards Agency (FSA) says, there is no excuse for treating animals in the following way. If it hadn't have been for hidden camera's, the obscene atrocities, may not have come to light.

*a worker, hacking and sawing at a poor lambs throat. *sheep, being kicked and hurled at solid structures. *a worker jumping up and down on the neck of an innocent lamb. *painting spectacles, humiliatingly around the eyes of lambs and laughing as blood was pouring out of them and more. *4,000 sheep, were secretly filmed, being killed. *animals were seen having their throats hacked and sawed by a worker wearing traditional muslim kufi skullcap, muttering the words, allahu Akbar (god is great).

*sheep fell some distance from the chute, onto the slippery floor in the kill area, many sheep were unable to stand. *sheep were thrown head first onto the conveyor. *sheep hung up wriggling, being drained of blood, slowly dying. *UK law states for un-stunned animals, 20 seconds must be allowed after the throat is cut, some poor sheep were only allowed 1 second to ensure lose of consciousness, you know what that means. *4 slaughter men have been suspended. *this case could well be referred to the Crown Prosecution. *over

100,000 have signed a petition, shortly to be 200,000, demanding an outright ban on slaughtering animals without first stunning them. *William Woodward, owner of the slaughterhouse refused to comment. *government vets were supposed to be on hand, where were they? non were seen during the 3 days of secret filming.

CCTV camera's must now be installed in all slaughterhouses for the welfare of our animals and to help stop cruelty.

Many thanks to our colleagues Animal Aid.

Your may never buy leather again after watching this video.

A deeply disturbing undercover investigation reveals that dogs are being bludgeoned and killed so that their skin can be turned into leather gloves, belts, jacket collar trim, cat toys and other accessories to be sold around the world.

At a slaughterhouse in eastern China, the investigator filmed workers as they grabbed one dog after another around the neck with metal pinchers and smashed them over the head with a wooden implements.

It's not a quick death for these terrified animals.

Some dogs fell unconscious, while others cried out and writhed in agony. Some still struggled to breathe after their throats had been cut and as workers prepared to peel the skins from their bodies. Dogs who were next in line for slaughter screamed and barked as a worker hit them in an effort to get them to walk slower. One employee told the investigator that they smashed 100 to 200 dogs a day for their skins. When the video was shot, there was about 300 live dogs in the compound waiting for slaughter.

We need action, only actions will help these animals.

An under cover investigator visited a dog-leather processing plant in China and documented the process of turning dog skin into women’s fashion gloves, work gloves, and other accessories. The owner of one plant told the

investigator that at the time, he had about 30,000 pieces of semi-processed dog leather in stock. Leather processed in factories such as these is sold all over the world. 

Most of the world's leather comes from China, where there are no penalties for abusing animals killed for their skins. So if you buy leather, there is no easy way to tell whose skin you're really getting.

Think before you buy Leather!

Farm Animals Mutilated - Are the mutilators  Mental or Mad?

In Brief

From our intelligence service.

Hindu's sacrifice of 250,000 animals. In November 2014 250,000 farm animals will be inhumanely slaughtered at a killing festival. Many of the animals will arrive illegally from across the Indian border. The festival at Nepal, the Gadhimai, is heart breaking, unbelievably true, upsetting, cruel and extreme beyond all imagination.

The animals heads will be cut off one by one and they will be butchered while each one watches the other being slaughtered.

There will be a petition and a demonstration outside the Nepal Embassy on Saturday 11th October 2014 at approximately 11.45 or you can join the demonstration meeting at Kensington Court, which is just off the High Street Kensington, from 11 am ending at the embassy around 11.45 to 12 noon. 

MPs Call For A New Slaughter Technique For Halal Meat - GreenEcoPeace wrote to Jim Paice MP and Andrew Rosindell MP as far back as 2010 regarding the cruelty of farm animals having their throats cut without first being stunned.

In Brief

A Slaughter technique for animals that is both ethical and acceptable to halal meat consumers must be found, politicians said.

An all-party Parliamentary group of MP's want to persuade Muslims that slaughter techniques in British abattoirs can be consistent with their religious beliefs.

MP's investigated beef and lamb following the growing ethical debate about religious slaughter.

Cattle in British abattoirs are stunned by using a captive bolt gun fired at their head.

The majority of British halal meat is sourced from stunned animals but some Muslims do not accept the practice.

This means that hundreds of animals every week are conscious while their throats are cut.

For meat to be halal, the animal must be alive when its throat is cut so it dies from blood loss.

Some Muslims oppose stunning the animals prior to slaughter, as they fear that it could kill the creature.

The lamb and beef industry body called for further tests on sheep and cattle to show they can be stunned and then killed to satisfy halal meat consumers.

But British law does not permit tests on the recovery time of stunned animals.

The industry group, Eblex, has tested the technique on a small number of sheep in Spain because of rules limiting animal testing in England.

It involves stunning sheep and allowing them to recover to see its effect. 

Religous Prayers & Halal Slaughter in UK

Muslim and Jewish slaughtered meat is rife in the UK.

All New Zealand lamb sold in supermarkets is halal and mostly not labeled as halal.

Halal or Jewish religous ritual, Chickens, Beef & Lamb sold or served at the following outlets:

Houses of Parliment, M & S, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury, Waitrose, CO-OP, Nando's. ASK, Slug & Lettuce, Pizza Express, Domino's, Whitbread's & Ascot Race Course. These are just but a few.

Denmark has recently banned the non-stunning slaughter. Why doesn't UK do the same?

We call for an end to slaughter without pre-stunning for all animals. EU and UK law requires all animals to be pre-stunned before slaughter to render them insensible to pain until death supervenes. But non-stun slaughter is permitted for certain religons.

Let's take a step back and look at the whole picture of animals, their feelings and pain. Our concern does not relate to religious belief, but to the animal welfare compromise of non-stun slaughter. 

GreenEcoPeace investigates the whole situation. 

Good Bye World

Phillipines 500,000 Dogs Cruelly Butchered

Dog shown on the way to have it's throat cut alive, then to be butchered & chopped up alive or cooked alive. The shocking truth, but first, it's fur is blow torched off - fully alive.

The Phillipines admit that every week over 10,000 dogs, that is 500,000 dogs a year, are cruelly butchered and eaten, heart breaking and shocking.


The horrific butchering of dogs trade is barbaric and wholly illegal. The conditions the poor frightened dogs suffer during transport, to make shift slaughter houses, is unimaginable, their snouts (mouths) are tied shut and they struggle to breath.

These dogs that survive the crammed horrific journey, often a dozen dogs squashed into a single cage with cages of dogs on top and around them, 500 dogs to a lorry.

When the terrified dogs finally arrive at the make shift slaughter house, each dogs hair, is then burnt off whilst fully alive. It's tender throat, is then cut, to slowly bleed. The then, fully aware dog, is butchered and chopped into pieces alive. Some of the dogs are taken back to restuarants and homes of these evil people where the dogs are cooked fully alive.

Lets hope that they choke on an unseen bone.

Despite new legislation, this bloody business flourishes, because the government will not inforce the laws brought in to stop this obseen trade. The judical system in the Phillipines is corrupt and bribery is common. 

Please sign the petition link to President Aquino, Phillipines

Letter Received From Andrew Rosindell MP


Email Received From Caroline Spelmans Office


Dear Mr Marston, 

Thank you for your email of 25 October about religious slaughter. I have been asked to reply.
This is a complex and sensitive issue. We would like to see all animals stunned before slaughter but respect the rights of the Jewish and Muslim communities to express their religious beliefs.
We appreciate that this is an issue which people feel strongly about and we will be working with interested groups to find a way to address their concerns.  People should know what they’re buying in shops or when they’re eating out, and Ministers will be discussing with the food industry whether labelling and point of sale information can play a greater role in giving consumers a choice.

Yours sincerely, 

A Broderick
Defra - Customer Contact Unit

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

Live Dogs and Cats Used As Shark Bait

You cannot believe what goes on around the world and thats why we are on the side of Nature and Mammals and carrying out, our Nature and Mammal Wars.

The shocking truth has now been brought to the world, that the fishermen on the French island of La Reunion, in the Indian Ocean, are using live dogs and cats as shark bait.

According to French law, it is illegal to carry out these dreadful atrocities, but the fishermen on the French island of La Reunion, believe they are above the law, as so many other wicked, cruel fishermen, do as well.

When the evil shark killers go to sea in their vessel, they take with them, these poor innocent caged cats and dogs. When they find their shark killing area, they grab one of the poor captive animals and force a hook through its nose or through its tendons on its legs. The hook is then attached to lines or a rod, the animal is then knifed so it bleeds and the animal is then thrown over board into the sea, attached to a line or rod.

The poor petrified animal then struggles and screams trying to stop itself from drowning, whilst it is struggling in the sea, it attracks the sharks, who start to eat it alive, then the cruel fishermen, pull in the half eaten animal and shark. The shark is then definned and thrown back into the sea alive.

It's not the fault of the shark. The shark just see's it as food in his territory, it's the evil humankind that is doing these horrific things. The sharks will suffer too a horrible inhumane death as well, at the hands of these evil butchers.

Email to the Cheif of Police, the French Island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean and the French Embassy in London.

Tell the cheif of police, on the French Island of La Reunion, to lock up these so called barbaric fishermen. 


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